Joss Whedon, known for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and The Avengers, has founded Save the Day, a super PAC dedicated to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Whedon took a break from writing in 2015 in order to start Save the Day and has already donated over $1 million to the fight against Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Whedon plans on producing around 15 to 25 different videos featuring some of his famous pals including Robert Downey Jr, Keegan Michael Key, Scarlett Johansson, Neil Patrick Harris, and Stanley Tucci.

“It’s about getting people to vote, because it’s frightening the apathy that people are treating the most crucial election of their lifetimes with.”

Whedon hopes that with the help of his star-studded cast of friends, this super PAC could encourage more young people in the world to get involved and make their voice heard. According to their Facebook page, Save the Day is “a short form digital Production Company dedicated to the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act.”

Following Whedon’s history of creating “super” scripts featuring heroes who ultimately save the day, it seems fitting that Whedon wants to make every voter feel like they can save their country with just a single vote.