10 Reasons We Get Hooked in Social Media Platforms?

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Many social media platforms emerged, stayed, and went offline. There was Friendster before Facebook. Twitter started the hashtag fad, then Instagram came with instant photo enhancing features.

When the Vine platform app shutdown, Dubsmash became hip to the young generation; then, Musical.ly merged into Tiktok in 2018. Just this 2019, Tiktok reached up to 1.5-billion download installation. Tiktok made Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram like a thing of the past while YouTube maintains its viewership.

Although Facebook is catching up with their lost views and keeps on innovating their app, Tiktok might lose some users as they also want it to be a paying platform just like YouTube.

So, why do we dwell on using social media platforms? What gratification do we get spending our time posting our images, videos, and moment of our lives? Why do people, in general, get hooked into it?

1 Serves as a diary and memory storage

Social media platforms serve as digital photo albums we can bring anywhere and access anytime we like.

 2 To have some fun in our spare time     

When there is nothing else to do, taking pictures and videos of ourselves, people, and things around us to amuse ourselves, and posting it online is a great way to kill time and boredom.

3 A method for us to vent out our frustrations

Some of us use social media to voice our disappointments in our personal lives, in our government, or the people around us. Here, we use our freedom of expression to get our message across.

4 To get out of depression

Some of us who undergo depression choose to deviate our attention and do something to get out of our sorry state. Finding something to do like lip-synching and becoming viral add some happiness and puts back some confidence in ourselves.

5 The need to belong

Social media is the current trend. Kids and adults want to belong and be like their peers.

6 To enhance or challenge one’s creativity

Different social media platforms right now have put in some savvy editing tools and image enhancers. With these applications, online users make use of it to challenge their creative minds and improve their image postings.

7 To showcase talents

Some people choose to unleash their hidden talents through social media. Images and videos go viral when we noticed people who are good at singing, dancing, acting, and spoken words. Some just want to get some attention; some hope to get discovered, and some want to use it to channel their heart’s yearnings.

 8 For marketing and exposure  

For social media influencers and entrepreneurs, it gives them leverage in advertising their brands and selling their products. Social media apps are the latest marketing tool for anyone to promote businesses like restaurants, boutiques, bazaars, and innovative products.

Exposing oneself and one’s products through these online platforms with a large following is a way to get famous and gain attention. An online user commented on why using social media is so popular, “Some girls try to look sexy so they can find a boyfriend and boys show their biceps to get a girlfriend.”

9 To gain popularity and following

Who does not want to be admired and have supporters? Social media now makes this possible for a lot of people.

 10 To earn

It becomes an earning platform for those who have many followers and plenty of views. When you are popular and have a significant number of followers and viewers, brands may put in advertisements to insert in your video blogs. Or brands may flock to you so you can promote and entice your online audience in patronizing their products.

In the age where viral videos rule, it’s as easy as drive-thru order to become famous. But fame is fleeting. As quickly as one rises to fame, the faster one also gets forgotten. A person renowned today can be set aside the next day for another personality getting the netizens’ new attention.

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