Life of Your Phone

You may think keeping a phone always charged is something to be thankful for—wrong! Become familiar with the amazing 10 ways you’re shortening the life of your phone.

1. You Keep Your Phone Under Your Pillow or in Your Bed. 

Keeping your phone under your pillow when you sleep is a way to shorten the life of your phone, thanks to heat build-up. If your phone is charging or has a glitch, it can even present a potential flame risk and if you have been sleeping with your phone under your pillow, you are also most likely to put it away in other different places where you should never leave your phone like anywhere in the bathroom, on the beach towel, in your pocket or your innerwear.

2. Allow Unnecessary Permissions

Ride booking applications need your location to pick you up, but other different applications probably won’t require this permission. Moore-Crispin suggests you be particular about which applications you grant such permissions to and remove permissions you consider unnecessary. If you didn’t understand random applications were being allowed these permissions, you likely also don’t think about hidden-phone hacks. 

3. Having One of These Applications

The applications that channel your battery the most are Google Maps, Netflix, Amazon, Snapchat, and Facebook, as indicated by Adweek. The Guardian found that uninstalling the Facebook application from Android phone saves people up to 20% of their battery life. If you also get rid of the Facebook Messenger Application, other application load times could accelerate by 15 %, per the Guardian. The reason behind Facebook especially executes battery life is because it continues running in the background even when you are not utilizing it, Business insider reports. If you previously erased these applications and still need to speed up your phone, look for the below simple approaches to give your phone a boost: 

  • Diagnose the problem.
  • Make sure your software is up to date.
  • Always clear your phone’s cached data. 
  • Clear your browser cookies and history.
  • Delete Unnecessary Messages.
  • Disable pre-installed applications.
  • Do a Factory reset. 
  • Stop Automatic updates.
  • Give your battery a healthy checkup. 

4. Keeping Your Screen Brightness High

Tiny phone screen days are gone, but before you give the thumbs-up emoticon, see how the today bigger screens can be a phone battery’s worst enemy, as indicated by Moore-Crispin. Ensure you turn on versatile brightness in the display menu. This change implies your phone will consistently modify the screen brightness to coordinate your environment. As a little something extra set the brightness level to the lowest possible and bring down your screen’s timeout, which is the thing that decides how long it remains lit before blurring when it goes idle. 

5. Keeping Applications Open That You Aren’t Using

Unused applications can swallow up the battery of both androids and iPhones, as per Andrew Moore-Crispin, Director of Content at Ting Mobile. “If you open an application once and never use it again, the application may, in any case, keep running in the background”, he says. Swiping out of applications you are not using or never again need is a simple solution. Moore-Crispin says doing as such extends the battery life of your phone while also freezing up important storage space, as well. Get familiar with a simple method to turn off background applications, in addition to more tricks to use fewer phone data and lower your bill:

  • Turn off the refresh background applications.
  • Disable the apps that use a lot of data.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi assist.
  • Turn off cellular data completely when not in use. 
  • Turn off the application updates.

6. Using Vibrations for Notifications

Your phone, similar to some other tool or device, ages and loses adequacy the more you use it, says David Steele, Director of Business Development for EverydayPhone. So little extras, such as vibrating notifications, are habits that make your phone’s activity harder. “The issue with these habits comes down to having your phone always running at the full limit when it’s unnecessary,” says Steele. “Just like us, a phone needs a break to avoid burning out.” 

7. Don’t Keep Your Software Upgraded

Putting off device updates accomplishes more harm than anything for your phone. Android and iPhone creators push updates to make your customers experience better and so that your phone capacities appropriately. These updates come with additional advantages, as well. If your device has a powerless battery or different issue, these product updates could cure them, Popular Science Reports. Try to stay aware of application explicit updates also. Regardless of whether you stay aware of every one of these updates and avoid ways you shorten the life of your phone, there still comes a time when you have to update.

8. Charging Your Phone 100% Overnight

Waking up to a completely charged phone may appear to a great way to begin the day. but leaving your device plugged in overnight is a very bad idea. At that point when a phone has reached 100% charge, it will keep on getting stream charges to keep it beat up at 100%. These additional charges keep the battery working nonstop. It’s better no to completely charge lithium-ion batteries since high voltage focuses on the battery and destroys it after some time, as indicated by technology company Cadex.

9. Leaving Your Phone Plugged In

Keeping your phone plugged in when it has a full battery makes harm the battery itself, as indicated by It isn’t so much that your phone “overloads” with power; it’s that heat buildups harm the battery. This can be much more terrible if you use knock-off cables. Boost your smartphone battery life-whether it’s an ios or Android with the below mentioned simple tips: 

  • Aware of Location Services
  • Watch for Push Notifications
  • Use Airplane Mode
  • Clear Out Applications
  • Lower the Brightness
  • Turn Wi-Fi off
  • Use Dark Wallpapers

10. Keeping Your Phone Out at The Beach

Extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures and other climate conditions can shorten the life of your phone. As indicated by Time, excess heat can cause everything from data loss or corruption to battery leakage. Cold weather introduces similarly the same number of issues. In cool temperatures, some phones have display problems, shut off, or run out of battery; in rare cases, screens may break.