12 Crazy Myths About Zodiac Signs

The 12 Zodiacs
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If we say that today’s gonna be an amazing day because it’s there in your horoscope. What will be your reaction?  Perhaps, You will believe that today is your day and that you can achieve everything with the power of the stars by your side. Well, zodiac signs have a strange command over our decisions. In fact, an interesting study revealed that almost 30% of Americans believe in zodiac predictions because of the comfort and sometimes spiritual power attached to them. So, we are curating 12 powerful myths about zodiac signs that all of you might have believed at some phase of your life.

12 Crazy Myths about 12 Zodiac Signs

So, there are some myths that are generally attached to each zodiac sign and this is why sometimes the entire identity of a person is based on the stereotype. So let’s start:


“Thank the Golden Ram for your sacrificial nature”

Myths About Zodiac Signs
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According to popular Greek myths, it is believed that Zeus gifted a golden ram that was extremely beautiful to King Cronos’s first wife Nephele. The ram was given one duty and that was to protect her children Phrixus and Helle. But, unfortunately, the girl Helle fell down from the ram, and the boy Phrixus survived. He became very angry at the ram and sacrificed himself. His fleece was later hung by Zeus and a whole new constellation emerged from this sacrificial ram. 


“Zeus is responsible for your loving nature”

Myths About Zodiac Signs
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This one is such a romantic tale where we find Zeus falling in love with a sweet maiden Europa. He was so fascinated by her innocence, so he didn’t want to petrify her with his Godly appearance. He thought of an alternative and turned himself into a beautiful white bull who was so majestic that Europa couldn’t resist getting attracted to it. The bull first swept her into the sea and then she reached Olympus where Zeus accepted her as one of his consorts. To elevate the rank of the bull, Zeus later created a constellation out of him. That’s truly a love written in the stars.


“It’s the magic of the inseparable twins behind your friendliness”

Myths About Zodiac Signs
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All of you might have heard about the Gemini twins back in your high school. If not, then this one’s rather an interesting tale. Pollux and Castor were two inseparable brothers who had a deep affinity for each other. Castor was mortal while Pollux was immortal. So, when Castor fell to his end in a battle, Pollux requested their father Zeus, and their affinity was elevated to the heavens where both the brothers became inseparable and thus a friendly constellation.


“We know why you can go to any extent to preserve your honor”

Myths About Zodiac Signs
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This tale is fuelled by hatred of Hera who was the Queen of Olympus. She was the chief consort of Zeus. We all know that Zeus is a god famous for his infidelities, so when Hera came to know about Zeus’s demigod son Hercules, she became vengeful. Burning in her agony, she created a giant crab and ordered it to slay the brave Hercules. However, Hercules was no less than a god himself so the crab was crushed by him very easily. Inspired by the crab’s bravery and honor, Hera raised its status to the sky in the form of a constellation.


“May you keep on displaying unflinching courage and resilience”

Myths About Zodiac Signs
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Leos are known for their resilience which has no bounds. But behind that, there is a very interesting myth. It’s what Hercules did to the Nemean Lion which became a permanent part of the sky. Hercules, a very playful person in his youth, was given punishment with the most dreadful kind of punishment. There were twelve punishments in total and slaying the Nemean Lion was one of them but brave Hercules did that with his bare hands. To make this act of bravery eternal, the Lion was elevated in the sky by Zeus as a constellation. 


“Let Astraea be with you forever”

Mythical depiction
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The idiom “Pandora’s Box” is widely employed for things that are supposed to be concealed and yet are displayed for the sake of chaos. However, the myth associated with it is haunting. When this chaotic box was opened, demons inside the box started tormenting the mortals. They tormented humanity to an extent that finally Zeus had to intervene and all mortals were permitted to depart to the heavens for the sake of refuge. At this time, Zeus gave one of his daughters, Astraea the duty to watch humanity as they departed to the heavens. The idea behind this was the innocent and virtuous nature of Astraea. She kept her watch on humans and to elevate this act of kindness, Zeus elevated her to the sky in the form of a constellation.

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“Justice is your life”

Goddess of Justice
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The Greek goddess of Justice “Dike” is usually associated with this sign. She was known to be very strict and just. As a goddess of the pantheon, she was greatly feared. In fact, one time, when in Greece, the people started committing thefts, a great famine struck the entire Greece. This was such a disastrous event that millions met their end. The remaining mortals finally attained atonement when they prayed and asked for forgiveness from the Goddess Dike. They were eventually forgiven but this act made her one of the most just of all gods. This act elevated her status as she was given a place among the stars.


“Revenge is a dish best served when cold”

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Artemis is known as a goddess of growth and fertility among all other Greek gods. This quality is attributed to her only when she is given due respect, otherwise, we know what she did to the Trojans. However, Trojans are not alone to bear the wrath of this child of Zeus. Once, Orion, the mighty hunter disrespected Artemis. As hunting was one of the pastimes of this God. She became very angry. In her agony, she created a scorpion and instructed the insect to bite Orion. With a single sting, Orion met a tragic end. At this effort, the scorpion was given a place in the heavens and was raised among other constellations.


“Endless wisdom is a bliss of the great Chiron”

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Chiron occupies a central place among all the Greek myths. He was a centaur whose lower body was that of a horse, while the upper one was of a human. He was the teacher of Achilles and Patroclus. Hercules the brave once struck an accidental arrow at him. Chiron was immortal. However, struck by a demigod, the pain he faced was immense and he wished to die. Finally, Prometheus released him from his burning agony and he was elevated to the heavens as a mortal. Due to his wisdom, he was given a place among the stars shining in the sky till the end of the world.


“Rough and tough just like Ea”

Babylonian myth
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Ea was a Babylonian god. He was invoked whenever the soldiers used to go to war in far-fledged areas. Ea’s upper body was like that of a fish while the lower of a mountain goat. It was believed that seeking the blessings of Ea will help the soldiers conquer foreign lands. With its strength, they will be able to surpass every single difficulty they will encounter on their way. Some also attach the steadfastness and wisdom of this sign to the Greek goddess of wisdom, Zeus’s favorite child, Athena. 


“The secret to your helping nature is out”

the cupbearer
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Ganymede was a mortal prince who was known for his exceptional beauty. He was equally admired by mortals, sea nymphs, and the Olympians. Aphrodite was especially attracted to the young princess. Upon the requests of all of the Olympians, Zeus elevated him to Olympus and made him an immortal cup ear offering the ambrosia to them. After a while, when Zeus became too happy with his services, his status was raised among the night stars and a constellation of a cupbearer was permanently attached to his identity.


“It’s always great to be shy and yet kind enough”

the twin fish
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This myth is full of kindness and disguise. This myth also highlights why in times of need, even a tiny creature seems helpful enough. It’s a myth associated with the goddess of beauty Aphrodite and her son the god of love “Eros”. Once they were passing through a sea as they found the giant sea creature, Typhoon followed them. They had to save themselves instantly. So they took refuge in the sea in the form of twin fish. Right after the Typhoon was gone, they thanked the fish who lent them their shapes. To honor their kindness, they were elevated in the sky among all other stars.

Key Takeaways 

These myths definitely shed light on the chief characteristics associated with each and every zodiac sign. Yet, you need to learn one very important thing kindness, courage, love, and respect are the emotions that are instilled in every human being. They are not bound by a zodiac. 

You need to look deep into yourself to search for them. As far as these myths are concerned, there’s definitely a lot of the past which makes up the present and sets standards for these beliefs. We can say that after going through each of the interesting stories. So, you can read the one associated with your zodiac and find whether or not that quality is there in you. 

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