The upcoming U.S. midterm election cycle has already broken many historic barriers. However, a recent development in Vermont has made the November elections even more interesting.

Ethan Sonneborn, a fourteen-year-old from Bristol, Vermont, realized that he met all the requirements to be a midterm nominee and is running as a Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

It turns out that the Vermont Constitution does not specify a required age for a gubernatorial candidate. Vermont’s Constitution only states that a candidate for governor must have lived in the state for at least four years. Sonneborn discovered this lack of specificity and is determined to win his party’s nomination. However, Sonneborn is definitely aware that people will judge him due to his age.

During a gubernatorial forum, he stated:

I think Vermonters should take me seriously because I have practical progressive ideas, and I happen to be 14, not the other way around. I think that my message and my platform transcend age.”

Sonneborn has already collected enough signatures to be included on the ballot. Surprisingly, he has a solid chance against the other four Democratic nominees.

He was inspired to run due to his growing frustration with the current state of national and local politics, especially after the events in Charlottesville last year.

Sonneborn has yet to face many challenges, including raising campaign funds. So far, he has raised just under two thousand dollars. His competitors have raised much more.

While Sonneborn expects to surpass people’s expectations and to move forward to midterms, Sonneborn is still humble. He stated:

I think if I can get one person who wasn’t involved in the political process before involved now, then my campaign will have been a success.”

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons