Mental Health Facts

When it comes to health, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is physical health. But most of us forget that along with physical wellness taking care of our mental health is equally important. One should never ignore his/her psychological wellbeing as it can be very dangerous for your overall health if not properly cared for. Unlike physical health, mental health is something that cannot be identified, visibly. Therefore, it needs special care and awareness.

Below are some facts about mental health that you might not have heard about before and will shock you.

  1. All over the world, around 20 per cent of children and young adults have mental health challenges.


  1. 1 in 5 Americans has gone through some kind of mental illness. And 1 in 25 experience serious mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


  1. Among all of the mental disorders, anxiety disorder is the one that is mostly found in the United States. Around 40 million people suffer from an anxiety disorder.


  1. Mental health challenges increase the risk of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, etc.


  1. Around 800,000 deaths are accounted all over the globe because of mental illness. The United States alone accounts for over 41,000 deaths. The psychological issue is the second main cause of death all over the world.


  1. In the United States, mental disorders are bountiful in the southern states as compared to the rest of the country. 


  1. 8.3 million adults of age 18 and older are recorded of having suicidal thoughts.


  1. Studies show that almost 50 per cent of American adults will be having a mental health issue in their lifetime.


  1. People who have gone through major disasters such as soldiers that go through war, are twice as likely to have mental disorders as compared to other people.


  1. It is found that only 44 per cent of people suffering from a mental health problem or mental disorder get treatment.


  1. Each year, serious mental illnesses cost the U.S. almost $200 billion in lost earnings 
  2. 50.5 per cent of adults in the United States who have gone through any substance abuse also suffer from mental illness.


  1. Studies have shown that genetics, abuse and trauma, prenatal damage, brain defects or injury and exposure to toxins are the major causes of mental health problems.


  1. Females suffer more from mental health as compared to males.


  1. People of the LGBTQ community are twice as likely to have mental disorders as compared to other people.

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