23 Dogs Saved from Becoming Dinner in Asia

In America and in most parts of the world, dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are part of the family, and many of us would never fathom the idea of killing dogs for consumption.

Culture is something that many people celebrate, a major part of culture is food, and food can be very different depending on where you are in the world.

It was just recently that the Humane Society decided it was in the best intentions to intervene on a puppy farm, which has been known for selling young dogs so they could be eaten. Although eating dog meat is not strange for people in parts of Asia, it’s considered a delicacy.

23 dogs were rescued and brought to Washington D.C., and will shortly be placed in shelters to make sure they are not suffering from any kind of sickness, and if they do they will be rehabilitated and taken care of. If the dogs respond well, they could be placed up for adoption, so they have a chance to find the love of a family, a thought that most of these dogs have no idea exists. Most of the dogs are responding well to the new treatment they are being given, but some are still scared and in a frail state because of their past experiences.

The man who owned the puppy farm, Moon Suk Jung, according to Huffington Post, was paid $2,500 dollars, so he could quit raising and selling puppies, so he could start a blueberry farm instead.

The Humane Society has been working on eradicated this issue for some time now, and the efforts to shut down Moon Suk Jung’s farm was a leap forward. Kelly O’Meara of the Humane Society had this to say about the subject in a statement given to the Washington Post, ‘Our objective is to have this be a permanent change in a cruel trade,’ so this means they will continue to work on eliminating this concern.

Many of us would agree that eating dogs is something that we should not be comfortable with, but in Asia eating dogs and cats has become customary and normal, to them these animals are in fact just animals. People of Asia could have a dog as a pet and they could have them served on their kitchen tables, it is a cultural norm that the Humane Society is not ok with.


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