San Diego,CA.,October 26, 2007--Northern California fire crews set fire backburn to stop the Poomach...

302,086 acres of land have been destroyed by the Mendocino Complex Fires in Northern California, reaching record-breaking numbers. This astronomical number will go down as the largest fire in California’s history.

The Ranch Fire and the River Fire combined make up the Mendocino Complex Fire. Colusa County, Lake County, and Mendocino County have warned their residents about the large fire. About 229 building structures have been demolished, and two deaths have occurred due to the fire.

Aside from the Mendocino Complex Fire, the Carr Fire currently remains uncontained. While the size of that fire doesn’t compare to the Mendocino Complex Fire, it has killed seven people. 




Cal Fire Division Chief Todd Derum stated: 

What makes this fire extraordinary is its size and we’re only in the first week of August. Last year, we had major wildland and urban interface fires in July, October and December….In my opinion, the term ‘fire season’ is becoming antiquated. We’re having major fires throughout the year.”

Derum has worked with the department for thirty-seven years, and he has never seen a fire as big as the Mendocino Complex Fires. 

There has been no estimates of when the fire will be completely contained. 


Featured Image via/ LA Times