Emerging Technologies

As time is passing, technology advancements are also increasing day by day and taking the place of manual efforts and becoming a great platform for saving lots of time. Every day we get to know about something new in the technology field. For the last few decades, technologies have been incredibly changing our lives, whether it is personal or professional. If we start from the very first telephone invention to missile, we have achieved a lot of success just because of these technologies in our life. No matter what type of technology you are using, it somehow helps you in some way or the other.

Similarly, if we talk about technology advancements from a professional perspective, then we are getting dependent mostly on the technologies to accomplish our day to day tasks. Every field has experienced drastic advancement in technology from the banking sector to the healthcare industry. These technologies have revolutionized the way we work and live today. Almost all of us are dependent on technology for our daily work.

Here are the five most trending technologies in the world that have changed our way of working and scaled it up to a new level.

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence

Almost all of us are aware of this term “Artificial Intelligence”. So now let’s understand what is artificial intelligence. As the name suggests, AI is the intelligence acquired artificially unlike natural or human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence refers to the study and design of the intelligent machines especially intelligent computer software or programs which are capable to understand their environment and accordingly take actions in order to achieve the goal.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence:

AI has made its place in almost every industry and thus has numerous applications. Some of the widely used applications of AI are as follows:

  • Gaming
  • Speech Recognition
  • Human Language Processing
  • Vision Recognition
  • Intelligent Robots
  1. Machine Learning:

Machine Learning

After artificial intelligence, one of the most widely used and known trending technology is Machine Learning. It is the ability of a machine or a computer that allows it to learn on its own by analyzing the data and tracking this data, such as repeating patterns and thus providing output and relevant results based on that analysis. For example, social media use the concept of machine learning. On the basis of your behavior such as what type of content or data you are getting more attracted to is judged by the likes, shares, and comments that you do. And thus provide you the most relevant data based on your choice.

Applications of Machine Learning:

  • Different social media services
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Sales and marketing
  • Financial services
  1. Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another an emerging and highly used technology these days. Virtual reality is referred to as “the use of machines or devices in order to create an immersive environment that appears to be real to users”. And it’s a human tendency that whatever seems real to them, they get more attracted towards it. Therefore, machine learning has become very popular among people nowadays.

Applications of Virtual Reality:

  • 3D image
  • Virtual reality TV
  • Aircraft or flight simulation
  • Video games
  1. Internet of Things (IOT):

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the most popular technologies in the world. Internet of Things can be defined as all the technological devices that are connected via the internet to each other in order to create a combination between digital and physical worlds. In other words, it is the connection of devices to create a virtual network where everything works via a centralized monitoring system.

Applications of Internet of Things (IOT):

  • Smart home
  • Wearables
  • Connected car
  • Smart supply chain solutions
  1. Blockchain:


Blockchain is another well-known technology used widely all over the world, mostly for security purposes. Blockchain is generally a list of blocks containing crucial information that are linked to each other using encryption or cryptography method. Blockchain is a chain of blocks each containing encrypted data. Every block in the chain contains a cryptographic hash, timestamp and transaction data. The design of blockchain prevents any type of data modification. The blockchain technology evolved mainly for the security of large crucial data. Its main application is in the banking sector that requires safe and secure handling of bulk and important data without any modification.

Applications of Blockchain:

  • Banking sector
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare industry