5 Thoughts Before Meeting Your Online Date

If you have not tried dating someone you’ve met online, at this point you are probably one of the few who haven’t tried it out. With hundreds of online dating sites and social networking sites and millions of singles looking for something to do on the weekends, there is no shortage for possible dates. Before meeting in person there is usually some exchange of messages. The number of messages exchanged or for how long conversation goes on before setting up a date is up to each individual -although it’s always best not to wait for too long. Regardless, the nerves of a first date are still there, but with someone you meet online it’s a longer list of reasons to feel the jitters. While some of the following thoughts are true for any first date, they are especially true for someone you met in the virtual world -they’re not only a stranger but someone you’ve never seen in person and you have no friends or people in common with. Just remember you are not the only one fretting over these speculations.

1. Will they think I look like my profile picture?
You chose the pictures up on your profile because you knew you looked great in them. While you think you look the same or similar in person you wonder whether your date will agree. Your thoughts right before the date surround the idea of looking just as good, if not better, than what you did in those photos -reality has no filter and this is a 3D version of you that does not care for your “better side.”

2. Are they really as tall as they say?
This question may be a concern for you if you care about height, are tall yourself or wonder what preference for height differential they may have. If you are a tall girl in general you can’t help but wonder if the guy is lying about their height -which they often tend to do if they are below six feet.

3. How does their voice sound?
If you’ve decided to refrain from speaking on the phone then the sound of their voice is a complete mystery. If your date will sound just as you imagine, completely annoying or if their voice will have you giddy is all up in the air. Their voice may not be a huge deal in the wide scope of the date but if you haven’t concerned yourself with the person’s voice, perhaps you are now.

4. Are they as outgoing and adventurous as they claim to be?
Let’s face it, most people want to liven up their appeal on their online dating profile. Often that means they construct a self-summary and answers to questions in a way that takes their personal interests and personality up a notch -trying to explain themselves in the most engaging and understandable way. You will find out to some extent whether or not they were lying.

5. Will your personality be what your date expected?
Even more than what you will think of your date, you will wonder what they will think about you. No one wants to feel rejected so you hope that if anyone will be doing any rejecting that person will be you. You want to be the fun, exciting girl you set out to be and think you are, so you hope your date sees that too. While it’s easy to make that impression online -via your claims, stories an adventurous pictures- its quite a different story to do that on a first date.

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