human trafficking,

We always keep hearing about crimes in the news that are increasing day by day. Crimes are not taking place in any particular country or state only, but all over the world. Yes! It is a fact that despite increasing a lot of awareness, education and many social works in order to stop the crimes, still, we are not able to live in a country or a region where we can say with pride that we are living in a place where there is no crime reported.

Crimes such as rape, stalking, cyber crimes being reported more nowadays. One of the reasons for an increased number of cyber crimes is the misuse of social media sites and the internet. Apart from these crimes, human trafficking is also a crime that is happening all over the world. People are becoming victims of human trafficking globally. According to 2018 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons that is generated by UN Office of Drugs and Crime(UNODC), it is found that girls account for 23% of all the trafficking victims detected globally.

  • Always Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings:

In order to keep yourself protected not only from human trafficking, but from any other crime too, you must always keep yourself attentive or aware of your surroundings. Whether you are walking on a lonely street or are in a crowded area, you should never keep yourself engaged in your phone or any other activity.

  • Don’t Trust Easily:

You should never trust someone and give them a chance to do something wrong with you. You never know that the person to whom you are showing trust and sharing your details or going with him can put you in trouble. Girls, become more victims as they trust easily, even if a person is a stranger to them. Unless you are not sure about any person you should not trust him. Avoid sharing cabs or autos with strangers, try to avoid traveling late in the night if you are alone because still women are not completely safe.

  • Act Smartly If You Notice Something Suspicious:

If you face a situation in which you feel something unusual or uncomfortable or find any person suspicious, then you have to act smartly in that situation. You can either enter any shop or walk with the surrounding crowd. Also, call immediately to the person you trust most.

  • Avoid Sharing Your Personal Details Over Social Media:

Nowadays, it has become a trend to share photos and other details such as their location, their marital status, their job or any other event along with personal images. But before sharing any of your information on social media you should always ask yourself a question that “is it necessary to share such information on social media platform?” Because if you want to share something with your friends, family colleagues then you can just tell them over phone call as well. And thus can protect yourself from any kind of cyber crime.

  • Always Keep Some Objects With You:

One thing that you can do for your safety is that you can carry some objects that can help you in protecting yourself in any difficult situation. You can use some daily use objects such as pen, keys, matchbox, umbrella, etc if you get into any trouble.