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Back in the day, learning was mostly synonymous boring and not as fun, especially to kids and teens. It mainly involved sitting in a classroom while listening to one person read from a textbook and give their explanation of whatever they were reading. If you wanted to keep up with current affairs and join the debate about real social things, you had to watch the news channel. However, TV has changed recently, those boring debate channels we used to skip over have now been fused into entertainment making keeping up with current affairs fun. There are many shows that offer social commentary and touch on important issues on TV right now. Below are five of the shows, some are still airing and some have been canceled but can still be watched on different streaming platforms.

Dear White People

Dear White People has been described as witty, rhetorical, intellectual, etc. and rightfully so. The show tackles issues such as homophobia, sexism, racism, and colorism in such an entertaining way, making it hard to forget.

The episodes usually begin with a monologue by the character, Samantha White (Logan Browning), who is the host of a satirical radio show named after the TV show. In the monologue, she argues a certain topic which is then discussed further throughout the episode. 

The show is based on the film with the same name, which was released in 2014. It is set in a predominantly white Ivy League college, Winchester University. It is currently in the third season and each season has ten episodes that can be watched on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Orange Is the New Black

The gripping and popular show aired its final episode after seven seasons last month, on the 26th of July 2019. Orange Is the New Black addresses issues such as drug and sexual abuse, racial injustices, and transgender injustices. The show explores all these issues by following the diverse group of characters who have heart-wrenching backstories.

The show also touches on the unjust and cruel prison system of the United States and the issues of privately operated prisons. Although filming has ended, the show is still on Netflix and other streaming platforms.


Black-ish is a comedy that is kid-friendly and also educational for people of all ages. The show is about a black family that lives in a white upper-class neighborhood as they maneuver through that recently attained life. The dad, Dre Johnson, played by Anthony Anderson, grew up poor and had to work his way up to where he is now. The mom, Rainbow, played by Tracee Ellis Ross, is an anesthesiologist who grew up in a trailer park and is mixed, which is one of the topics discussed on the shows.

The show has two spin-offs, Grown-ish, and Mixed-ish that also tackle real-life issues. Black-ish has been renewed for a sixth season and is available on ABC, Hulu, and other streaming shows.

The Carmichael Show

The Carmichael Show was canceled after three seasons, with 32 episodes but all those episodes are filled with social commentary and powerful debates. The show tackles social and political issues, touching on conversations people try to avoid. From controversial public figures such as Donald Trump and Bill Cosby to social issues like racism and sexual consent, the show tackles them all.

The show is mainly focused on the conversations that are had by the characters. The star and creator of the show, Jerrod Carmichael was able to incorporate comedy into this otherwise serious show. The show can still be streamed on Hulu and other streaming platforms.


Currently, on its second season, Atlanta has been praised for providing a context of bad neighborhoods rather than stereotypes. The show tackles topics such as police brutality, gang violence, homophobia, amongst other social and political issues.

Created by Donald Glover, who is also an actor and musician amongst other things, the show follows the realities of black people in bad neighborhoods. With two seasons released, the show is available on FX, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.

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