Turkish dishes

Even though it isn’t that apparent at first glance, Turkey is a country that has influenced a huge section of modern cooking as we know it. Many European countries, especially on the Balkan Peninsula, which was long under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, can trace back their culinary traditions to Turkey. Barbecue, yogurts, certain types of pastries and desserts – all of these spread out to the rest of the world, thanks to Turkey. These are some Turkish dishes you should definitely try out when visiting Turkey.

  1. Manti

A type of dumpling, Manti is filled with a spicy mixture of meat that is either cooked or steamed. There are many variations in terms of shape, size, and way of serving, and the most expensive manti in Turkey are called Kayseri mantissa. Kayseri Manti are served sprinkled with yogurt, onion (caramelized with tomato), and spices.

  1. Kofte

The Turkish version of the classic meatballs – kofte are balled-up meat patties made from ground lamb or beef. Kofte is often eaten in a pita wrap, and there is also a popular vegetarian version – made from chickpeas.

  1. Yogurt Corbasi

Soups are an important part of Turkish cuisine, and among them, a particularly interesting soup is made from yogurt – the Yogurt Corbasi. It is prepared from yogurt, various spices (mint, spinach, parsley, etc.), rice, and sometimes chili, and can be served hot or cold. Yogurt is generally a very important and ubiquitous part of Turkish cuisine since it perfectly complements the numerous spices used.

  1. Pilaf

Pilaf is usually made from rice cooked in a spicy foundation. Although rice, in recent times, is often replaced by bulgur, pilaf in its original form continues to be the backbone of the Turkish diet. Eggplant, chickpeas, beans, peas, and in recent times, meat such as chicken is often added to the dish.

  1. Dolma

The dolma holds a special and beloved place in Turkish cuisine. In its basic form, dolma is a vegetable stuffed with meat or a mixture of rice and spices. Vegetables such as green peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini are commonly used. Meat dolms are usually eaten warm, as the main course, and served with yogurt with garlic or other spices like oregano. The vegetarian dolma are, in turn, fried in olive oil and serve at room temperature.

  1. Baklava

The baklava is, without a doubt, the absolute best-known Turkish sweet. There are many variations of the baklava, but it is traditionally prepared with filling from pistachios. In various parts of Turkey, walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts are used for preparation, and this dessert from thin crust dessert is always rich and succulent.

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