6 Wars Fought for Ridiculous Reasons

6 Wars Fought for Ridiculous Reasons
Picture of Petrich incident from French newspaper (Credit: Getty Images)

There are different wars fought in the world for ridiculous reasons in the early years. Some of these wars include:

  1. The Pig War
George Pickett—leader of American forces during the Pig War. (Credit: Getty Images)

This was a conflict between Great Britain and the United States. It commenced in 1859 at Juan island. The island was very fertile. Both Americans and the British settled in the land and started arguing about who should leave. The British settlers were employees of Hudson Bay Company. In June, an American farmer shot a pig owned by a British black boar. The American Lyman Cutler had noticed an animal eating his potato and decided to take action into his own hands. The dead animal brought a lot of disagreement among the two communities.

Americans reported the incident to the US army during a civil war. The US declared that the land belongs to them. The British, on the other hand, responded by declaring war on the field. They sent a fleet of armed forces. It took several weeks before the two nations came to an agreement. They joined their military occupation and settled the matter.

  1. The Nika Riot
Circus and hippodrome at Constantinople (Credit: Getty Images)

Nika riot is among the wars fought for ridiculous reasons. Large parts of the city burnt down in the streets of Constantinople. The government of Emperor Justinian almost toppled. It occurred during the 6th century. The two groups, Greens, and the Blues were very notorious at the time. They acted like street gangs.

In 532, two members of the Blues and Greens gangs were behind bars under the rule of Emperor Justinian. The two groups then joined together in the riot. Within two days, the City’s headquarter was burnt down. Even all the guards and other army officers were killed. They also wanted to appoint a new Emperor. At that moment, Emperor Justinian came in, he bribed the Blues to attract them to his side. Almost 3000 people had died.

  1. The War of the Stray Dog
Picture of Petrich incident from French newspaper (Credit: Getty Images)

It’s one of the most powerful bizarre in the 20th century. The war was between two hostile communities, the Bulgari and Greece.  They were on bad terms with each other since the Second Balkan War. In 1925, everything had boiled to saturation point. Greek soldiers got killed while crossing the Bulgaria border when he was only chasing his own dog.

The Greeks declared war and invaded Bulgaria city. They surrounded a variety of villages and they wanted to shell Petrich city. The League of Nations came in to intervene. The international community brought the two teams together to try and find a perfect solution. 50 people had died during the war.

  1. The War of Jenkins’ Ear
Painting of the capture of Porto Bello

Robert Jenkins showed his decomposing ear to members of Parliament. He said the Spanish coastguard had chopped off his ears. This happened 7 years ago. The British on hearing this they declared war in the Spanish kingdom. This gave rise to the “War of Jenkins Ear”.

The two nations had been having grudges since 17000. The missing ear was a catalyst for the two communities.  It happened between British Georgia and Spanish Florida. The war took place for two consecutive years. It wasn’t until 1748 when the war ended.

  1. The Toledo War
Toledo, Ohio, in the late 1800s (Credit: Getty Images)

Michigan and Ohio fought because of land disputes. The state of Ohio in 1803 owned a silver land that had Toledo town. Michigan started claiming that the Toledo strip was their part. They went to negotiate but did not come to an agreement. Everything turned into war.

Toledo’s war then broke out, with both sides wrestling for political control of the territory. The two cities defended the land. It took place for two consecutive years. In 1836, Ohio elected new President Andrew Jackson, who came to negotiate for peace. Michigan regained its territory in Toledo. They gave out the upper part of the Peninsular. Many people, mainly citizens of Ohio, referred to this as an unjust matter. They condemned the situation, but they only realized the president wanted a peaceful nation.

  1. The Pastry War
Picture of the taking of citadel San Juan de Ulua. (Credit: Getty Images)

It was during a military coup that Mexicans destroyed their own city, in 1828. The was a pastry chef whose café got destroyed in the process. The chef, known as Remontel, complained about the matter but the Mexican government ignored it. He took the matter to his own government.

One decade later the head of state, King Louis Philippe, brought out the matter. Another stimulator was that Mexico had a 600,000 pesos load that they had failed to pay as compensation. Mexico did not respond well to such matters, adding that the French king declared war.

The city of Veracruz was blocked. The French fleet was everywhere in the country. The ships started shelling San Juan. There was a battle as 250 soldiers got killed. The powerful and famous Santa Ann regained his effort to lead Mexico into a war. He was badly wounded in one leg. The fight came to an end in1839, as the British government came to intervene. Mexico gave out the loan. It was one of the largest pastry shops in town.


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