7 Easy Tips and Tricks to Losing Stomach Fat

We all want a flat tummy. Yet we don’t all want to, or feel we have the time to work out to tone our mid section. With all that in mind, the belly is usually a woman’s most troublesome area to lose weight and the easiest in which to gain it. While hitting the gym or exercising may garner the best results there are other ways to help lead you toward a slimmer stomach. More importantly, these aren’t just other methods, they are easy crunch-free ways that will help slim you down around the waist -just make sure to stay consistent.

1.Contract and tighten your stomach muscles.
One way to exercise your muscles without really doing much is by tightening your stomach any chance you get. Do it many times throughout the day -in the middle of watching tv, sitting at your computer, driving somewhere or shopping. Maria Menounos has stated plenty of times that one of her flat tummy tricks is contracting her abs -and if you’ve seen her abdomen area you’ve seen that this idea helps.

2.Tie String around your waist.
An old trick in relation to contracting your stomach is to tie a string around your waist. Tighten your stomach and then tie the sting -every now and then you are reminded to keep pulling your stomach in. This different kind of string theory has great effects.

3. Practice good posture.
Standing or sitting straight is important for many reasons -including fighting and preventing a bulging belly. Let’s face it, sitting at a desk for a large part of the day isn’t easy and often results in hunching over which often continues once you stand. Good posture gets you using your muscles. Stimulating your muscles also helps stimulate you metabolism.

4. Massage your stomach.
Funny to think but you can help rub your belly away. Massaging your stomach could help stimulate your digestion and thus help you lose stomach fat and prevent bloat.

5. Eat slower.
You may have heard this before, eating slow is one of the best things you can do to lose weight. You basically savor every bite and allow your stomach to feel full. Plus the more you chew your food the easier for you body to digest it.

6. Drink apple cider vinegar.
Two table spoons of apple cider vinegar a day can seriously change your life. Taking the apple cider vinegar -straight or maybe better yet in your glasses of water- assists with weight loss, combats bloating, detoxes, aids digestion, clears skin, boosts energy and the health benefits go on and on. Point blank, not only will it help you get your slimmer tummy but will help you look and feel great in general.

7. Ginger.
Ginger is the spice to life, in the sense that it is used for anything and everything health related. Most of all it helps burn fat and reduce inflammation. Eat ginger after your meals to help stimulate their digestion. If you want to create a super detox drink try apple cider vinegar, ginger and maybe lemon in your water. Also, ginger tea before bed could also do wonders for your end of day routine.

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