8 Expectations City People Have About Small Towns

There is usually a misconception from city people about what a small town is like. Thanks to movies and TV shows, those who have grown up within larger cities or towns have a preconceived notion of small towns that usually bear similar images and experiences. Recognizing some of the factors that many share about what life is like in a community with a small population will allow you to realize that they can’t all necessarily be true but are just dramatic and intensified combinations of their most amusing patterns. Here are a few of the expectations city dwellers have about small towns.

1. That everyone knows one another and each others business.
What else could you expect? Juicy news travels fast, and in a small town- you expect it to get out of control and result in a game of telephone.


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2. That everyone is much nicer.
If you are a city person walking the streets of a small town, you expect to be recognized as an outsider but welcomed as if in your own home. You want to be greeted with a sincere “hello” and smile in every store you enter and each time you pull up to a gas station. You also expect kind strangers to start up conversations with those that they know or just met.

3. That football is life there.
The Friday Night Lights effect allows you to believe that these towns live for football. On occasion, it could likely be another sport, like baseball, but football and it’s all-American feel wins the community over. You probably expect that practically the whole town gathers every time there’s a high school game.


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4. That every teenager is looking for a way out.
The idea of the dramatic teenage phase when they want to leave home is even more so pronounced in a small town. The little rebels want to leave home in an instant or wait for college as their ticket out.

5. That generations upon generations of family are still living there.
The impression of small towns is usually that the people living there were not only born and grew up there, but that their entire family, immediate and extended, are still living in that town. Hence, they have roots there that may be one of the reasons why newer generations continue to start families in the same place.

6. That all the homes have a front porch.
The front porch is where the day starts and ends. You pick up the paper there, and at night, it’s where you go after dinner when you want to catch some fresh air and reflect on the day.


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7. That it is always calm and relaxing.
City people think anywhere outside the city is probably relaxing. Small towns have less traffic, less people and you can actually see the stars at night.

8. That everyone from a small town speaks with an accent.
For some reason, most city people believe the notion that people from small towns have a heavy accent and that it is usually either Midwestern or, more often than not, southern. There’s a charm to this expectation nonetheless.

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