8 Year Old Dog in Tennessee Inherits $5 Million after owner’s death

She is a beloved family member but her incredible inheritance comes as a surprise for many.

Dog Lulu Inherits Tennessee
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A Tennessee resident drew global attention after her death as she left behind millions of dollars for her beloved dog, Lulu, an 8-year-old dog.

Cared by Burton, Dog Lulu was a beloved of Owner Bill Dorris

While Lulu plays watchdog outside of her Nashville home, but in reality, she has all the money to hire her own security. Well, little does he know about that? Matha Burton, Lulu’s caretaker says she is a good girl and likes to watch over the front door. 88- year old Burton has been with Lulu for years as she takes care of the dog for her friend, Bill Doris. Dorris was always on the road, and he wanted Lulu well cared for while he was away for work. But last year, the 84-year old Dorris, also an unmarried and successful businessman passed away. His will named Lulu, and he left $5 million all for his beloved dog. Martha Burton says that he loved the dog and his will states that $5,000,000 be transferred to a trust to be formed upon Dorris’s death to take care of his Border Collie, Lulu.

Rescue Dog saves owner’s life after he suffers a stroke

The read specifies that the trust will provide for all the needs of Lulu, however, Lulu will remain in possession of Martha Burton. The estate is currently in probate and it’s not exactly clear how much it’s worth. According to Dorris’ friends, the businessman had vast holdings in real estate and other investments. Caretaker Burton does not have much of an idea about that.

Trust will provide for Lulu’s Care and Pampering
Martha burton Caretaker
Martha Burton with Lulu. Image via Kiro 7 Video

Burton told the media that Lulu is happy where she is and loved enough. She has no plans to buy a solid gold dog bone or diamond-encrusted collar. The will specifies that Martha will be reimbursed for the reasonable monthly expenses. She knows they can never spend $5 Million on Lulu. The trust will be managed by a conservator who will reimburse Burton for expenses to care for Lulu. Nothing is clear about what will happen to any money left when 8 years Lulu will pass away.

Bill Dorris was the owner of Controversial Land in Tennessee

Bill Dorris was much in the news as he was the owner of the property along Interstate 65 at 701D Hogan Road which has the controversial Nathan Bedford Forrest statue. A confederate general during the civil war(1821-1877), Nathan Bedford Forrest was famous for his ingenious cavalry tactics and when his troops massacred black soldiers in the battle of Fort Pillow. In April 1864.  The gilded fiberglass statue has been condemned time and again and was vandalized multiple times, the latest when the ‘black lives matter’ protests were going on last year. The future of that statue will also be determined in probate court. He often defended his rights to display the statue and the Confederate battle flags.


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