9 Unexpected things Navy SEALs Discovered in Osama bin Laden’s Compound

Unexpected Things Navy SEALs Discovered in Osama bin Laden’s Compound
Image courtesy/Unexpected Things Navy SEALs Discovered in Osama bin Laden’s Compound

The al Qaeda leader was killed on May 2, 2011, in Pakistan, when President Barack Obama was the head of the American State. The United State army raided Osama bin Laden’s home before the Pakistani army arrived.


They went through his treasure and personal belongings. The US CIA recently brought the material into the limelight.  The material showed a completely notorious leader who made the worst 9 attacks out of 11 ever that has happened in the world. Get to know what the six active armies found out:


Bin Laden’s Carefully Guarded Emails.


Osama did not have an internet connection nor a sim card. But the leader was a great communicator as well as a writer. He would send some emails to couriers, then the couriers would send them through the internet.


The six navies got almost 100 drives from a box of emails which showed exactly all the operations he had made. They also noted that his successor was Ayman al-Zawahri. Rogio said Osama was just giving orders and then makes some briefs. He decided on religious beliefs, fatwahs, and reassigning jobs to various troops.


Bin Laden’s Diary


A 228-page journal was recovered from Osama’s secret personal drawings. Most of the words he referred to his family as he narrates to them how his life has changed. There is no defined number of how people lived in the compound. He had several wives with multiple children. The diary was written by one of his daughters. He had many visions with his team al-Qaeda and there was a plan on Arab Springs in Muslim countries. He thought that the absence of leadership provides a better place to spread al Quada across the nation.


His Son Hamza’s Wedding Video


Hamza bin Laden had a colorful wedding in Iran. There was no connection from his childhood until the wedding time. The act was just to indicate he will take over from his father. Many attendees were members of the inner circle of al Quaida. Among the guest of honors was Mohammed AL-Masri, whose brother was a wanted criminal. He assassinated the Egyptian president Anwar-al Sadet. Despite having a colorful wedding, Hamza was killed in 2019.


Video Games


Someone in the compound was a fan of video games. Many games were found saved in the compound’s computer. Some of the most popular ones were Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z, Super Mario Bros, Yoshi Island, and many more. Most of the games were about terrorism around the globe.


Videos of bin Laden Practicing for Public Speeches


The notorious leader had many pre-recorded videos. He would record himself, then hand the short video to the courier to save and spread over. He was intelligent, as he recorded the videos in advance and let them out years later. This helped him to control how the people were looking at him.


Disney Films


Osama bin Laden is said to have Disney films on his computer. The navy said the death of thousand soft people in the films gave him some clues on how to attack nations. He had a variety of them including Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Chicken Little, and Ice Age. The al Quida died while his youngest children were four years old.




These are a few secret things that were never released to the public. He had a collection of pornographic videos. He had electronically recorded and modern videos. Most information media that have requested the videos has been denied by the navy. There is some mysterious content that news reporters think is hidden.


Documentaries About Himself


Despite being in a hidden place, the al-Quider leader. He had many documentaries and articles on his homestead. He was very curious about his own image and how people look at him. We can say, he used to do much research about himself and the plans to find him. The six navies found computers with many films about themselves. There was one that showed his complete biography. The funny thing is the fact that he had 2008 comedy documentaries about where in the world is Osama bin Laden?


His Library, Including Books on Conspiracy Theories


Just like any other prominent wealthy person, Osama had a personal library. He has multiple books on American diplomatic and military history. Such includes Bob Woodward’s Obama Wars, Necessary Illusions by Naom Chomsky’s, The US by Millers Hopkins Robert, and Thought Control in Democratic Societies. He also read Vietnam, a book full of war that occurred in 1787-1941. The main reason for reading was to get in the minds of his own enemies. Osama was learning the tactics used so that he could be ahead of everything.


The shelf had books like the Illuminati, the Committee of 300, and theories of 9/11. In general, Osama was very wise, getting much knowledge from his enemies.





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