A List Of Trump’s Presidential Candidate Rival Nicknames

Trump has made a number of unprecedented moves throughout this election season. One such move is giving his fellow presidential contenders his own nicknames and using them continuously to prove his point.  He has given nicknames to Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders all throughout the primary race. Each nickname is in reference to a particular aspect about the candidate and is meant to point out their perceived weaknesses. 

The nicknames have proven to be effective as they garner attention and immediately become trending topics on twitter. Below are all of Trump’s nicknames so far and what they are in reference to.

Low Energy Jeb

Trump started calling Jeb low energy as far back as last august.

In an interview with Business Insider in November, Trump said there was no back story behind the tag — no moment where it “clicked” that he should constantly use it in interviews and on the trail. But Trump said its success as an attack line was rare — even for him.”Yeah, that’s once in a decade,” he said during an interview in his midtown Manhattan office. 

Trump explains he believes Jeb to be a very low energy individual.


Little Marco

First used on March 3 in response to Marco Rubio.

Little Marco came after Rubio was questioning Trump on his failed businesses throughout the years.  The debate orator tried to steer the direction back to policy and the following interaction ensued.

“I have a policy question for you, sir,” Wallace said.

“Let’s see if he answers it,” Rubio chimed in before it turned into a total schoolyard war of words.

“I will. Don’t worry about it, Marco. Don’t worry about it,” Trump said to an applauding crowd. Don’t worry about it, little Marco, I will.”


Lyin Ted

Lyin Ted was first majorly used by Trump on March 22 on Twitter

It was said after Cruz’s camp released pictures of Trump’s wife, Melanie, photo shoot with GQ.

Crooked Hillary

First used April 17

After trying out a few nicknames, Trump finally settled on Crooked Hillary.  It is in reference to her email and Benghazi scandals and overall dealings that have gotten attention.

During a Rally in New York Trump stated:

“So I’m self funding. All of this is mine. When I fly in, it’s on my dime right, it’s on mine. And what does that mean? That means I’m not controlled by the special interests, by the lobbyists,” Trump said while campaigning in New York. “They control crooked Hillary and they control lyin’ Ted Cruz right?” 



1 in 38 Kasich

First used on April 25

When Ted Cruz and John Kasich announced they would partner up to stop Trump from winning the nomination, Trump took to twitter with the nickname, referencing his one win, Ohio, out of the 38 primary and caucuses thus far. 

Crazy Bernie

The most recent nickname was first used on May 11.

Trump used it on twitter after Bernie’s win West Virginia. Trumps use of crazy is more likely in reference to Bernie’s self described democratic socialist views.

  Trump may have gone through all the remaining presidential contenders, but there are still a number of people in his path who will most likely receive nicknames in the future.  We’ll just have to wait and see who’s next.

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