Earlier this year, A Quiet Place dropped and became one of the year’s biggest box office surprises, earning over 180$ million domestically and over 140$ million worldwide. This, however, was more than an interesting story for the movie industry. According to Viacom, A Quiet Place might have been the savior for Paramount Pictures. During the third financial quarter of the year, the studio made over $44 million, a drastic increase from the concerning $9 million registered in the previous quarter. The project by John Krasinski and Emily Blunt was likely very responsible for that increase, alongside Diane Keaton’s Book Club.

While 188$ million might sound like a regular amount for a blockbuster these days, this is quite an accomplishment for a horror movie. In fact, this movie is the only horror movie among the top twenty highest grossing movies of the year so far, with The First Purge barely missing a spot on the list. When compared to other horror movies it also did spectacularly well, being the second highest grossing horror movie in the U.S. to be released this decade. The only one above it, last year’s It, managed to earn its title with a slightly higher budget of 35 million dollars.

Parent company Viacom has stated:

Viacom produced another quarter of strong progress, with clear evidence that our turnaround is delivering results and that our evolution into a truly global, multiplatform, brand- and IP- driven entertainment company is well underway. Paramount Pictures is revitalized, with outstanding box office performance and growing television production revenues driving substantial gains in profitability.

It will be interesting to see how the releases of Mission Impossible: Fallout will affect Paramount’s revenue and how it will close its financial year. Furthermore, Paramount is likely to start its following financial year on a positive note with the release of Bumblebee in December, although that movie definitely has the potential to flop at the box office.

Featured image via Pixabay