France’s picturesque coastal village of Landévennec in the northwestern Brittany region is being terrorized by a sexually aroused dolphin.

Brittany is renowned for its gorgeous beaches which attract many sailing and swimming enthusiasts. The Brittany coast is also home to abbey ruins which date back to the fifth century.

However, a dolphin has recently been getting too close to swimmers. Landévennec’s mayor, Roger Lars, has banned visitors from swimming on its local beaches. As a part of Lars’ new bylaw, beach-goers are not allowed to be within 40 meters of the dolphin.

“Several swimmers were very scared,” the mayor told Ouest France.

Affectionately named Zafar, the aquatic mammal is a bit of a celebrity on the Brittany coast. Previously known for his gentle behavior, Zafar has become increasingly aggressive now that he’s searching for a mate.

The department of Finistère is warning swimmers of his aggressiveness. The department tweeted:

“The prefect of Finistère supports the practical decision taken by the mayor of Landévennec banning swimming in the presence of the animal, which contributes to the security of everyone, including the most experienced swimmers.”

Beachgoers who violate the ban risk being fined €39 ($45).

Samy Hassani, the director of species conservation at the local ocean discovery park called Océanopolis, believes the dolphin’s threatening behavior is attributed to his loneliness. Dolphins are often seen in packs.

“If he becomes lonely, he will look for contact, rubbing himself against boats, or people,” Hassani told Ouest France.

Lars has stated that he decided to issue the bylaw due in part to Hassani’s advice.

Some people, however, disagree with the ban and believes it portrays dolphins in a negative light. Local lawyer Erwan le Nornew told Le Telegramme that he intends to campaign against the ban. le Nornew cited that other sea creatures, such as jellyfish, are not affected by such bylaws.

In better news, Zafar has relocated down the coast. Bathers can now resume swimming safely.

Featured Image via Pexels.