A slice of the moon for sale only at $2.5 million

  • NWA 12691 weighs over 13.5 kg and looks more oblong than a human head.
  • Another group of 13 aesthetic iron meteorites will be on private sale soon.
A slice of the moon for sale only at $2.5 million

A slice of the moon for sale– gives goosebumps for sure! It feels like making the childhood dream true.

On Thursday, one of the world’s largest lunar meteorites is on private sale at Christie, and it valued at £2 million (US$2.49 million). It is a moon rock, and it weighs over 13.5 kg. Scientists say that this moon rock i.e., moon surface, was struck off by a collision with a comet or asteroid and then fell on the Sahara desert.

This moon rock is known as NWA 12691. It is accepted as the fifth largest slice of the moon even found on our earth. We just know 650kg of moon rock available on our planet.

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James Hyslop, Christie’s head of science and natural history, said that holding a piece of another world is an unforgettable experience. He also gave a bit more accurate information about the moon rock. It is a real piece of the moon, and it is about the size of a football. But the slice of the moon is a bit more oblong than a football, and it is larger than a normal human head.

Who found it?

There are a lot of meteorites already discovered.  NWA 12691 was found in the Sahara by an anonymous finder, and then it changed many hands. Scientists are sure that it is from the moon after comparing it with rock samples. The moon rock samples were brought by the United States’ Apollo Space missions to the moon.

Is it surely a moon rock?

Hyslop shared, in the 1960s and the 1970s, the Apollo program brought nearly 400kg of moon rock. And that’s why scientists were able to analyze the chemical and isotopic compositions of those rocks. And now they are determined that they match certain meteorites. He also added that these meteorites are very rare, and about just one in thousand comes from the moon. And that’s why this is this much special on the earth.

He added, “We are expecting huge international interest in it from natural history museums…

The moon has fascinated humanity from the beginning. and it was accepted as a symbol of power, time, love, and prosperity. It is also the earth’s natural satellite. Moon thought to have been formed 4.5 billion years ago when nearly a Mars-sized body crashed with the earth.

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Apart from this slice of moon, Christie’s will also offer a group of 13 aesthetic iron meteorites on a private sale. And that entire collection is estimated to be worth £ 1.4 million.

Now, we are eagerly waiting to see who is going to buy it. Is it going to be private property or a thing that will be secured for future research work- let’s wait and watch!

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