Showtime actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has no care in the world as he takes shots straight out of a vodka bottle on the streets of London.

Meyers has been seen on Bend it Like Beckham and the TV series The Tudors. Maybe his roles have been too much stress on the 37 year old actor.

The paparazzi continued taking picture shots of the actor as he began taking shots through the vodka bottles using the cap. He soon gave up and started drinking straight out the bottle.

In the pictures Meyers is in a stained t-shirt and his jacket was inside out as he looked puzzled throughout his walk.


Upon trying to buy the liquor sources from The Sun say he was “turned down” but somehow convinced the local shop to let him purchase the two bottles.


In his first big role in the hit movie Bend it Like Beckham, co-starring with actress Kiera Knightley, he had his first round of alcohol problems.

Since then Meyer has visited rehab six times starting in May 2005 at the Promises center in Malibu, California and then returning in 2007.

February 2007 he he visited the center a third time, only to go back a month after his check out in March 2009.

The actor has gotten in trouble with French court for public intoxication in November 2011 where he was charged €1,000 in restitution and a sentence which was later suspended.

Meyer has not been able to cope with the death of his mother in November of 2007.

In an interview after her death with the Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine he expressed that he believed that what was said about his drinking problems were “blown out of all proportion.”

“I haven’t even thought about drinking since my mother passed away. Drinking is not the way forward for me at all,” the actor said during his interview.

“I never even drank till I was 25 anyway. I was in Thailand on my own, filming. I was a little bit lonely and I started drinking,” he continues, “Now drink doesn’t fit into where I want to go. I want to do something useful with my life. Drinking is not synonymous with that. And I don’t put any emphasis on it.”

As much as Meyer denied the public’s opinion of him was wrong he enjoyed the attention he was getting as a bad boy.

“I kind of like people having this idea that I’m this wild, rebellious guy. But the reality is that I’m not, and I’m not quite sure I want to reveal how boring my life is. Of course, as a young Irish actor you’re tarred before you start. It’s the enduring cliché.”

With the actor taking on a role in the series, Dracula and four movie roles on the way may the pressure be too much for the actor.


Photo: wikipedia