The apparel and sports brand announced on Monday that it will only use recycled plastic in its products by 2024.

This movement includes polyester, which Adidas uses in shirts, sports bras, and some shoes. In fact, the brand revealed that by next Spring, 41% of its clothing will be manufactured with recycled polyester. Additionally, Adidas stated that it will remove all non-recycled plastic from its offices, stores, and warehouses starting this year. It is estimated that this will save 40 tons of plastic per year.

Adidas is following the same plastic-free policy of many other companies, including Starbucks and McDonald’s. Both companies plan on eliminating straws by 2020, and they’re feeling even higher pressure from countries like India, which already have strict plastic policies.

These policies are important, too, since plastic is damaging the Earth at a shocking rate. The use of plastic has already increased by 20 times the amount it had been half a century ago. If this trend continues, plastic in the ocean will weigh more than fish by 2050.

Thus, business decisions like this are truly commendable. Adidas will likely save money because of the sustainable practices, and it will simultaneously help save the planet. The company’s stock only slightly rose on Monday, but it will likely see the return on this decision in the long run.


Featured image via Wikimedia Commons