African Abomination: South African Lady Slays On Father’s Grave

While some are for her, several postings show that her indecency was disappointing and damaging since respect for the dead in African culture is held in esteem.

Lady on Father's Grave
Lady Slays on Father's Grave. Twitter Images

Striking images of a South African lady squatting on her father’s grave and posing for pictures have recently gone viral on social media sites. In a curious turn, a South African woman stunned the world by sharing her images on twitter posing for pictures on top of her father’s grave.

Usually, people tend to enjoy taking photographs in unique situations. The lady, too, seemed happy since she was not at all in her mourning clothes, and whatever she expected to reap from the public, she sure did as it was fury, criticism, likes, and a backlash that she received.

While some are for her, several postings show that her indecency was disappointing and damaging since respect for the dead in African culture is held in esteem.

The query arose: when did a grave or a cemetery become a photo studio? Either facing beautiful mountains or anywhere as long as they look fine, everyone enjoys a decent chance to live their lives. Photographing is sweet, but it is a different dimension that this South African woman has taken with herself posing, squatting, and standing on the grave of her father. Some believed that she might have squatted on top of her stepfather’s burial site, whom she didn’t like, that this was a festival of some sort. On the social media sites, the girl’s images standing on top of her dad’s grave were shared by many, so the disapproval increased.

Media Users Fry South African Lady Squatting on Father’s Grave

 “It shows clearly how some people were raised. This is sad and shows no respect for the dead,” says an angry Twitter user. 

Then again, Africans are brought up to believe that the “dead are not dead.” @DarlingtonWrld is the popular lady as she called on her Twitter handle, and she posted, “Rest in peace, Dad, I always remember you.”

The choice spot where the girl took the image puzzled Mzansi. Yet, in just minutes, the post earned hundreds of likes from users, and many became her followers. By standing over her father’s grave, she made people super vibrant with flames of outrage and excitement at the same time. Twitter users have attacked her, and they think what she did was utter contempt for her late father and her family.

Lady on fathers grave
Opinions from media users. Twitter Image

While most of the Twitter users called her many ugly names, saying she is just an influence seeker and must do them an excellent service by deleting her post, others were completely satisfied by what this girl had done.

 “The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with this. I want someone who thinks this is wrong to tell me why they think so. He is her father, and she can do whatever she wants,” says a Twitter user, who is shocked by other twitter users’ reactions.

From the time she uploaded the tweet, it has earned over 700 users and over 100 retweets. The responses segment is full of Saffa tweets of those who want to know why she would disrespect this.

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