After the New York Daily News laid off at least half of its newsroom staff last month, many people have started to fear that New York City will soon be left with a lack of local news outlets. With only 40 people left on the New York Daily News‘ staff, many fear that stories about New Yorkers will not be brought to the forefront anymore.

These changes have been a long time coming, as the New York Daily News closed many of its bureaus three years ago. The Wall Street Journal did the same with its “Greater New York” section last year, and The New York Times has decreased its metro coverage.

New York City’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, responded to the decision by stating:

Tronc’s greedy decision to gut the newsroom is bad for government and a disaster for NYC. Tronc should sell the paper to someone committed to local journalism and keeping reporters on the beat.”

Tronc is a company who bought the New York Daily News and decreased its staff so drastically.

A former New York Daily News editor also used strong rhetoric when addressing the staff cuts, bringing the events into the context of New York journalism more broadly. He stated:

[This event is a] tragedy not only for the people of New York, but for local news writ large. When you have the media capital of the country in danger of becoming a local news desert, just think of what’s happening elsewhere in the United States, where many towns and cities don’t have anywhere near the same kind of journalism service.”

Many other New York-based journalists have come forward to express their concerns regarding the future of local news. Some journalists have even stated that the format and system of local news may have become irrelevant to the media industry. Many believe that a significant change in format needs to occur soon.

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