Amazon expands into private label activewear and home furniture lines

Amazon is expanding even more into the fashion game by launching its own private activewear lines. This move can definitely make Amazon become a real competitor with other activewear brands like Nike and Lululemon. This addition will include brands called Goodsport, Rebel Canyon, and Peak Velocity. Along with the start of Amazon activewear, the internet retailer is also starting their own furniture brands, Rivet and Stone Beam.

Bloomberg recently reported that back in October, Amazon started working with some of the largest athletic wear suppliers to make its move into the industry.

Amazon, over the past few months, has been making its mark in the fashion world. These private fashion labels have no mark of the Amazon brand on them. Reported by Quartz back in August, discovered that Amazon owns 19 fashion brands and several more trademarks.

To find these Amazon-owned brands, it’s quite simple. On the website, click on the filtered option, “Our Brands:Featured Brands”, and click to view more. In this link, clothes like daywear and workwear for men, women and children will pop up with brands such as Scout + Ro, Society New York, Ella Moon, Amazon Essentials and much more.

Amazon has also dived into lingerie, shoes and handbags, and plus size clothing. This will include Cashmere Addition and Society New York labels to expand into a plus clothing line. There are also rumors Amazon will be doing a standalone line.

With news of the sportswear brands, it comes in perfect timing with Black Friday and holiday gift shopping rapidly approaching. Goodsport is going to be a strong opponent against Champion and other budget-friendly activewear brands. Peak Velocity will be challenging Nike and/or Under Armor with their take on men’s activewear. Rebel Canyon will be putting on their own spin onto the athleisure clothes for men and women that will be competing against Lululemon.

A recent report from One Click Retail stated private Amazon brands like Lark & Ro and Amazon Elements have grown over 90 percent year to year, with sales of $5 million to $10 million. Amazon Essentials has seen $3 million in sales in October and AmazonBasics topped all with bringing in over $250 million.

Fashion has totally been a big focus, but furniture will be having the Amazon treatment as well. Furniture Today reported on Monday that Amazon will be launching its own brands, Stone & Beam, the higher priced transitional modern collection, and Rivet with a take on mid-century modern pieces.

These collections will include sofas, sectionals and loveseats, accent chairs, tables, ottomans, lighting, wall art and rugs. Rivet brand sofas run in the $699 to $999 range. Stone & Beam sofas will be in the higher price of $999 to $1,499.

Amazon has sold furniture but nothing to the extent of living room furniture. AmazonBasics has sold office chairs and Strathwood patio furniture.

Beyond Amazon dabbling in activewear and furniture, there is no denying that Amazon is and always will be killing the retailer game. What to predict next is almost impossible. These new brands are available to purchase now, just in time for the holiday season.

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