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If you walk through Bloomfield, New Jersey, someone will always be watching you. No, I am not talking about God or security cameras. The new Amazon Ring doorbell will be watching you. The police department has appreciated this private surveillance method.

The police departments, all across the country, are offering people Ring doorbells at discounted rates. Although the customers have the choice to provide police with the footage, the police require the customers to send the footage every time they need it. The Ring customers also have the choice of whether they want to get the recording plan or not. However, Ring does not support these programs, and they want to end subscription programs.

There are many other surveillance footage, which can help the police in investigating crimes. The many cameras in Amazon Ring pose a serious question about privacy. However, you will get cheap rates from Amazon with one-day shipping time.

Amazon Ring bells can benefit certain groups. Police will be able to get more footage. Amazon bell owners can get a minimum of $3 per month subscription fee. Residents will also feel quite secure with the Neighbors app.

The success of Amazon Ring is unparalleled. Over 50 police departments have collaborated with the company over the past two years. Through Amazon Ring Doorbells, police can access the places where there are no cameras.

Many privacy advocates are unsure if people will be willing to give permission of surveillance. An attorney staff in Southern California says, “Here we have a perfect combination of police and Amazon to create conditions of surveillance which very few people want.”

Working on Neighbors App:

The Ring has been pitching this idea to police departments, way before Amazon bought it. The police are interested in the Ring’s app called “Neighbors”. It is a free app, through where you can view or comment about the incidents and malicious activities in your neighborhood.

Police Chief of Mount Brook has said, “We are currently influencing the people in Mount Brook to purchase this technology. We are telling all its pros and cons.”

The police say that this app has helped them solve crimes because people send them videos of criminals stealing packages or goods. The main reason behind the success of this app is that people realize that the police wants to protect them. Most people are fine with the police having a look outside their street.

However, the app has had its privacy concerns. For example, the information from last December showed that workers in Ukraine saw a video without the customers knowing it. Dave Maass, who is a researcher at Electronic Frontier Foundation, says, “We are making a system where everyone in the neighborhood is watching one another with binoculars. This is dangerous”

The Ring:

Smart bells have been already quite popular in Bloomfield. Therefore, people quickly gave into the idea of Ring doorbells. This system allows the police to retrieve footage from anywhere in Bloomfield just by a tap on a phone.

There was a surveillance system in Bloomfield before Ring cameras. There used to be over 450 places where security cameras were installed. Now, with the introduction of Ring Cameras, the number has increased 10 times.

Overall, Ring doorbells help police in overcoming the roadblocks to security. If the police department were to install security cameras in every home, it would be quite costly. Still, some experts are against the idea of barging into people’s privacy. They are also against facial recognition systems.

The police mainly support this idea because it benefits them financially. Ring cameras cost between $99 and $500. The security cameras, on the other hand, can be a lot more expensive.

Ring uses a combination of facial recognition, motion sensor, and automated license plate reader technologies. The combination of these three features in one device is unheard-of before. However, most are still not sure about the privacy part. He says, “This tech looks quite good. However, if the people want to share the footage with the police, they have a right to know what it’s going to be used for.”