Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Buys a Whopping $165 Million House in Beverly Hills

Jeff Bezos, the richest man of the world and Amazon Founder buys the Costliest house in Los Angeles, priced at $165 Million.

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Amazon’s chief and world’s richest man, ‘Jeff Bezos’ now has the richest house in Los Angeles. According to sources, Bezos has bought a Beverly Hills Residential property for $165 million, a price record for a Los Angeles Area home.

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He has also bought 120 acres of undeveloped property in Beverly Hills for $90 Million. This property earlier belonged to late Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder, who died in 2018. The two humongous deals are in process to reach the final agreement.

Multi-Million Mansion was built with Classic Architecture in 1930

The $165 Million Mansion, which is being bought by the Amazon founder, sprawls upon 13,000 square-foot of land and is one merit of Classical Architecture. The Warner Estate in Beverly Hills belonged to David Geffen, the Music Mogul and business magnate who bought it in 1990. But it was primarily designed for Jack Warner, President of Warner Bros Film Studio, therefore the name ‘Warner Estate.’ The Premier mansion was built in 1930 but was rebuilt after Warner’s second wife demanded a new design. The estate was then built with a Georgian-revival Style and included a nine-hole golf course. After Warner’s death, the property was bought by Mr. Geffen for a whopping $47.5 million, which was a big affair for an LA property back in 1990.

Bezos to become the owner of the costliest home in California

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This deal has surpassed the prior highest paid the price for a house in California. Jeff Bezos’s Warner Estate deal has exceeded the last year’s Chartwell deal, which was worth $150 Million. Lachlan Murdoch, the Australian-British-American businessman, and mass media heir bought the T.V. series ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ fame ‘Bel-Air Mansion,’ which was cited as the highest-priced house in 2019.

Jeff Bezos under Scrutiny over Amazon’s Work Culture

Jeff Bezos is currently worth $131 Bn and was on a lookout with girlfriend ‘Lauren Sanchez’ for a Beverly Hills house, as reported by The New York Post. Jeff Bezos’ lavish purchase comes at a time when the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren sent a message to the Amazon founder saying, “Change your business practices, or else.” Fifteen senators of the Democratic Party have signaled Bezos to implement changes in Amazon’s work policy and asked the e-commerce giant to publish worker injury reports. There have been rising concerns about Amazon’s workers’ safety and health, which prompted the senators to issue the Amazon founder a public address. Amazon, on the contrary, has invited them to take its warehouse tour and stand positive on their workers’ safety scenario.


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