Another Amazon employee has died due to COVID-19

Many Amazon employees have been affected, and yet the company hasn’t released the official figures.

Another Amazon employee dies due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to the death of another Amazon employee. This news has come after the company has failed to give the exact number about the infections in its workers.

A company’s spokesperson confirmed the deaths and mentioned, “We are really sad due to the death of a colleague who worked with us on our sites. We grieve with their family and loved ones. Moreover, we also support the fellow colleagues.”

Amazon sent the employee home on 30th April. She received a positive test on May 8, a week later.

The company hasn’t revealed the total number of employees who have been tested positive for the results. Previously, the company stated, “We don’t think that the numbers are valuable.”

The lack of transparency is one of several criticisms regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the company has repeatedly stated that it is doing everything it can to keep the employees safe. At the start of this month, a letter from state attorneys stated that Amazon needs to disclose the number of workers impacted by the virus.


The letter states, “We haven’t received the information about the number of workers affected by the virus and the total number of people that have died from it.”

Earlier this week, the New York Times reported a hard hit warehouse in northeastern Pennsylvania. No one knows the exact figures because Amazon isn’t disclosing them.

More and more households are relying on are Amazon for deliveries. So, the workers have come under the guidelines of the essential service issued by several states. In Mid-May, the company extended its pay bonuses. However, the company promised that it would start the standard salaries from the end of June.

The company has also come under scrutiny over firing additional employees. This has raised public concerns over the treatment of workers during COVID-19, which has created havoc. Amazon has denied that these firings were a retaliation. This letter came from high profile senators like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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