Inside influence within the government is not usually condoned by U.S. civilians, but that is not stopping the Trump administration.

Officials confirmed that President Donald Trump will nominate his counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband to the run the civil division in the Department of Justice. Once nominated, George Conway, 53, must go through confirmation hearings. If the Senate confirms his candidacy, Conway will lead a team of approximately 1,000 lawyers in handling legal challenges against the Trump Administration. These cases range from national security, such as the travel ban, and consumer protection to enforcing federal programs.

Conway, a corporate lawyer, has no true experience in the political field. Accordingly, many speculate that his consideration is because of his wife’s involvement in the Trump Administration. Previously, President Trump considered him for the U.S. solicitor general position, but chose against him.

Who is George Conway

Conway, a partner at the corporate law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, works in the litigation department. For the past 28 years, he has worked with high-profile clients. Some of these include the National Football League and Philip Morris. Additionally, he represented respondents in the 2010 Supreme Court case Morrison v. National Australia Bank.

After graduating from Yale Law School in 1987, Conway helped in a major politically-charged case in the 1990s. He was one of the many lawyers representing Paula Jones, who sued former President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. With this, he helped write and establish a legal precedent that allows civilians to sue current presidents.

Creating a Conway conflict?

George Conway’s nomination for the justice department means that, if confirmed, politics will be a personal matter for the Conway’s. Kellyanne Conway regular appears in the media defending the President’s actions and dismissing criticisms. Accordingly, her role will potentially make any fair litigation against President Trump practically impossible.

Despite the law against governmental nepotism, it would not relate the Conways’ situation. According to the law, public officials cannot hire family members as a direct employee. However, it does not regulate the hiring of family members to other departments. Kellyanne Conway, in this case, would not be directly in charge or an overseer of her husband.