The rights of the LGBTQ community are a hot button issue all over the world. These people are not only looking for the freedom to live their lives, but they are also demanding respect from people who chose to combat their lifestyle. One American pastor has upset the LGBTQ community of South Africa very much. According to CNN, an anti-gay American pastor has been banned from South Africa. This news has people in both countries curious as to why these sanctions were placed.

The pastor in question is named Steven Anderson. CNN is reporting that he and a group of his associates have been banned from South Africa because of their promotions of hate speech. This is not the first time Anderson has been called out for his hateful rhetoric, as he spoke out on the attack at Pulse Nightclub. Anderson stated that he praised the shooting that took place in the Orlando club in June, because it targeted this particular population of the country.

The decision to ban Anderson and his associates was made by South Africa’s Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba. This decision was made before Anderson’s visit to the nation, which was scheduled for this week. CNN is also reporting that Gigaba released the following statements regarding the situation:

” I have withdrawn their via exemption status enjoyed by all Americans… on the basis that I am certain they promote hate speech as well as advocate social violence.”

News of this ban has many people in the United States as well as in the neighboring countries of South Africa paying close attention to this situation. CNN is also reporting that some are questioning this decision because American citizens are allowed to use the waiver program when going to the nation, as it allows them to travel to the country without a visa. Officials are also stating that neighboring African countries are once again questioning the ethics of South Africa, as it is one of the few progressive African nations where homosexuality is not illegal.

The LGBTQ community is one that is growing and evolving every day. As things in South African develop, it will be interesting to see how Anderson and his supporters react to this news and to resistance from other people of the globe.