Apple Has Discontinued its Original HomePod, Will Focus on Mini

Apple’s decision to focus on the MiniPod clearly indicates that the company is betting on “good enough’ rather than “truly unbelievable” sounds.



Apple focuses on MiniPod

Apple has canceled its original HomePod after four years, and now the company will focus solely on the HomePod Mini, which it introduced last year.

It took Apple around five years to develop the original HomePod through audio Engineering. To accomplish its development, the team made a development center near its headquarters in Cupertino. It has a world-class environment with a dozen chambers. Moreover, it has one of the biggest anechoic outside academic use in the US.

The price of the HomePod, back in 2018, was $349. This was at the top end of the home speaker market, and it was one of the best speakers at that time. Later, its price dropped to $299. Moreover, Apple’s MiniPod, introduced last year, became popular quickly.

Apple to focus on MiniPod

Apple said in a statement, “Since its debut last fall, HomePod Mini has been quite popular. It offers the customers an intelligent assistant, an amazing sound, and a smart home control for just $99. We mainly focus our efforts on the HomePod mini. For now, we are canceling the original HomePod, however, it will be available in Apple Online Stores and Apple Retail Stores. Moreover, we will provide our customers services, support, and updates through Apple Care.”

Apple will continue to sell the existing HomePods; however, the company’s space is out of Space Gray. However, it will continue to provide support and service updates for the existing HomePods. Apple has placed its bet on the mini from now onwards. This indicates that the tech giant is shifting from “truly unbelievable” to “good enough” sounds. The HomePod didn’t become a perfect home theatre replacement; however, it paired in their multi-speaker configurations.

The research and production methods of HomePod will remain alive through Apple’s advanced audio rendering system, which led to things like the Spatial Audio in AirPods.

Apple’s Minipod is a great option for families because they can set it in the living rooms. Apple recently announced to launch a podcast for kids and families. 


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