Apple partners with Common Sense Media to arrange a podcast for Kids

Apple’s decision to partner with Common Sense to create a podcast for kids has been welcomed by families as they plan to get a paid subscription.








Apple partners with Common Sense Media

Just two days ago, Apple made an announcement that it is partnering with Common Sense Media to make a kid-friendly podcast, because of the growing interest in entertainment among families.

Through a new website (, Apple has partnered with Common Sense to make podcasts for different age groups and themes. The collection includes creators, like American Public Media, Gen-Z Media, Tinkercast, WNYC Studios, Highlights, Nickelodeon, and Rebel Girls.

Common Sense Media and Apple podcast will feature Nickelodeon

Other than additions by age groups, there are four available themes. The four themes are Common Sense Media Picks, Kids Know Best, Story Time, and One Morel.

Apple will update the site on monthly basis to include new shows. It will also introduce historical and cultural moments, like Back To School ideas and Women’s History Month.

Apple also stated that they are making the shows with the same research-backed techniques, which Common Sense media uses for its entertainment, like Books, TV shows, movies, apps, and games.

Previously, Apple introduced “Apple for Kids,” which helps parents set up devices for kids. This shows an increased interest of Apple to fulfill the needs of families. Recently, Roku also introduced a Kids and Family section on the Roku channel (

Industry experts believe that the kids market will grow along with the overall adult podcast market. Morning Consult recently reported that the pandemic has increased interest in audio format. Moreover, parents couldn’t keep the kids entertained at home. So, this is a good step to keep the kids home.

In a recent analysis, the NPR’s 2020 Spoken Word Audio Report stated that around 15% of the adults were listening to children’s word audio. This indicates that parents were watching the shows along with their kids. Moreover, according to Kids Listen, a nonprofit organization, 89% of kids who listen to podcasts are under 8.

Adding kids’ programming is quite beneficial for Apple. 60% of parents who listen to podcasts stated that they might purchase a paid subscription for their kids.


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