Green Apple


Apple announced on Thursday that it plans to invest $300 million in clean energy in China.

The company stated that it plans to partner with ten of its global suppliers in the initiative. Apple’s goal is to create enough renewable energy to power one million homes in China.

Not only is this initiative beneficial for the environment, but it is also a very strategic move for Tim Cook. Much of Apple’s business is conducted in China, especially manufacturing. In fact, China creates 20% of Apple’s sales.

Apple seems to be one of the greenest companies in the U.S. these days. Three months ago, the tech company announced that all of its stores and corporate offices are run with 100% clean energy. Apple’s suppliers are jumping on board with its initiative as well. This is an incredible number for such a massive company.

Greenpeace East Asia campaign manager Yuan Ying had this to say regarding the initiative:

Apple and its suppliers show how corporations can do their part to contribute to China’s energy transition. We would like to see local Chinese tech giants follow suit.

The tech giant is showing other companies that if Apple can use clean energy, so can they. As one of the largest and most profitable brands in the world, they are displaying true leadership and poise with this initiative.


Featured Image via Flickr/iphonedigital