Apple always finds a way to stay on top. After the first time Apple introduced its watches, the whole watch world revolutionized. Now it’s bringing the Apple Watch series 5. Although the watch is set to release in the closing months of 2019, we can’t stop talking about it.

The Big Name:

Apple isn’t big on naming. The names of previous watches have been in a series. They go in succession from 1 onwards. Therefore, it’s likely that the next one will be series 5.

It is highly plausible that the company will think out of the box this time, and come up with some catchy name. It’s rumored that the name of the new watch will be “Apple Watch Series X”.

Release Date:

All the previous Apple Watches were released in September of each year. So, the next watch will, probably, be released in September 2019. The Apple Company is holding an iPhone launch later this year. Therefore, it will launch the Apple Watch series 5 around that time, but these are all rumors. The company won’t tell the exact launching date until late August.


Apple Watch Series 3 cost around $349. However, the price of Apple Watch Series 4 was slightly higher, at $399. Apple justified this price by adding heart health features and the electrical heart rate sensor.

So, the latest Apple Watch series 5 will cost around $450 or $500, depending upon the number of additional features. The public will know about the exact price during the launching ceremony.

Specs and Features:

Many rumors are going around regarding the specs and features of Apple Watch Series 5. So, let see these features:


Apple revolutionized the watch world by introducing bigger watches. Some people think that the overall size of this new watch will be the biggest one among its predecessors. However, it is unlikely, because Apple will continue the tradition of its older straps.

The casing of the new Apple Watch will also be different. A famous tech analyst Ming-Chi recently said that Apple Watch Series 5 will have a “new ceramic casing”.


Apple always uses the software “watchOS” for its watches. It releases a new software every year at its annual World Wide Developer Conference.

The previous software, which Apple used for its watch, was the watchOS 5. It had amazing features like ECG function and fall detection. However, this time Apple is likely to launch watch OS 6. We don’t know much about this latest software but one thing is for sure. Watch OS 6 will be much better than the watch OS 5.

Better Display:

Apple introduced the OLED display in all its watches. It mostly depends on LG to make watches, but it’s rumored that Apple is turning towards Japan for its display. This decision sounds ordinary, but it’s a big risk on the part of Apple because Japan hasn’t made OLED screens before. Let’s see if this risk pays off.

Health Features:

It’s hard to know the exact health features of Apple watches because they always introduce something new. There is a rumor that this Apple watch will have a long-awaited glucose monitoring sensor and a better ECG feature.

Sleep Tracking:

Although its competitors have a sleep tracking system, Apple hasn’t yet introduced a sleep-tracking sensor to monitor sleep. However, there are speculations that the new Apple watch will have sleep tracking. In fact, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed in a Twitter post that the company has been testing a sleep monitor in secret locations.

Considering the rumored specs and features, Apple Watch series 5 looks like an amazing watch with an affordable price range. However, these are all speculation on our part. Let us wait and see what an awe-inspiring new watch Apple will introduce this fall.