An escape from reality into the bright yellow sun, blue ocean and white sandy beaches is what vacations are made of. Paradise Island is well advertised and home of the extensive resort known as “Atlantis.” Atlantis, Paradise Island consists of four main hotels, The Reef, The Coral, The Cove, and The Royal. Each features its own attractions but they are all connected by a single shuttle ride across the premise. 

Water Fun:

There is something for everyone to do. Aquaventure is a 141-acre waterpark that includes river rides, water slides, kiddie pool with a play fort, 11 swimming pools, and an overall 20 swimming areas.  Dolphin Cay consists of 17 stranded dolphins in a 14-acre environment, that also consists of beaches, an 11-acre lagoon and an animal rehabilitation hospital. There is also a section with sea lions. If something more enclosed is desirable, Atlantis also contains an aquarium with a variety of marine life. 

Other Activities:

Aside from beaches and water fun, there are plenty of laid back activities to engage. Take a spa day or enjoy the night out at the casino and night clubs. Underage teens can hang out at CRUSH, which is a teenage night club with a range of games and interactive fun. There are shopping venues throughout the resort as well.

The best thing about all these activities—as long as the customer is an Atlantis guest, everything is charged to the room card. This encompasses all the hotels on the resort. Some activities are walking distance from each other. If not, there are shuttles that travel on schedule from hotel to hotel. 


Now the question, is it worth the hype? For all types of vacationers, from relaxed to raving, Atlantis has everything to offer. Whether it’s family fun, a couple taking time away, or singles looking to have some fun, it’s all there. Atlantis couldn’t make it any easier for its guests to get around and use all the facilities. 

Considering the pricing, including the plane tickets, room costs, restaurant bills, and all miscellaneous expenses, the pros almost outweigh the cons. The hotels give a $200 stipend to their guests, but that runs out at the blink of an eye. The food may be fresh but the bill will be twice or thrice the amount it would be in the 50 states. Guests can easily be taken advantage of because they have no choice, they have to eat. A ride off the island is about $40 in itself, not to mention the trip back. 

Most people want the most value for their money. While Atlantis offers a variety of fun and vacationing, it can get heavy on the pocket. But of course, the price falls into planning a vacation and it could all be worth it as hundreds of families decide all years long.  

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