I know technically August is still a considered a part of the summer movie season. However, May is more of a summer blockbuster movie month than August is and May technically isn’t even a summer month.

The summer doesn’t even begin until the end of June. Though I am okay with the entire month of June counting as summer because it’s reasonable and I was born in June (who doesn’t want a summer birthday).

Plus another issue is why is the summer movie season four months long. Summer only lasts for three months. It’s ludacris. My reasoning is maybe because some kids get out of school in May and there are still a few who don’t start school until the end of August or after Labor Day.

During this time range, people are more willing and more free to go to the movies.

If a summer month had to go though, then it would have to be May (because it’s not a summer month). But ironically it tends to have more summer blockbusters. It does start the summer season so it’s sensible. Releasing a movie in May gives it the whole summer to make that money, money, money (say money 3 times differently).

Meanwhile, August movies tend to be the summer dropouts. It’s like summer becoming autumn; it’s the same thing with these movies.

Well, to cut August some slack, usually it does have many movies that can be considered summer-ish but less than a handful that might be summer hits.

This year August does have comedies like The Spy Who Dumped Me, The Happytime Murders and Crazy Rich Asians. It also has a movie that might be an indie hit, BlacKkKlansman and a generic horror film Slenderman (this movie is controversial but I don’t want to talk about that).

Mile 22 might be considered a summer blockbuster but that movie is going to flop and fall right into autumn. The closest thing August has to a summer blockbuster is the shark movie The Meg. However, that movie might sink at the box office. The Darkest Minds might be good but I don’t think it’s going to be a box office hit.

Now the movie I think is going to make the most money this August is Christopher Robin. Pooh Bear got me so excited to see this movie. It’s also the only August movie I think even has a slight chance of making it in top ten domestic gross for summer 2018.

If not one August movie makes it in the top then it’s just a confirmation that August is not a summer movie month. It does make sense for the least summer-y movies to come out at its end but the summer deserves to end with a blast.

Now if July was the end of the summer, then the summer would be ending with Mission Impossible: Fallout. Now that’s an ending to what hopefully was a great fun summer.

Maybe I am being too hard on August though, even if it is the summer dumping ground for movies that might make movies but won’t be massive hits. However, if a movie premieres at the end of July like Fallout but makes most of its money in August, then isn’t it basically an August movie?

It’s a fair point that I agree with because I consider Infinity War a summer movie even though it premiered at the end of April.

Also hits Suicide Squad (2016) and Straight Outta Compton (2015) both premiered in August and each earned a spot in their summer’s top ten. They were the only August movies though.

And no one should forget about summer 2014 when the August movie Guardians of the Galaxy was the number one movie of the summer.

I guess does it really even matter if a movie is considered a part of the summer or not.  I mean for Hollywood it does but for some people, August is a summer month, while for others it’s not. Also, you’re living a good life if May, June, July and August are all summer months for you.

Meanwhile for me, August is not a summer month. The summer fades away and school starts back up. I have less time and I am less interested in seeing movies that come from this month.

I’ll be spending less time in the theatres this August but keep enjoying your summer if it’s still shining in August for you.