Australia’s Mickey Wright Plays Hero in Hawaii

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For the Australian surfer Mickey Wright, 2020 started with a heroic feat as he saved someone from drowning in the Hawaii waters. Wright, 24, is in Hawaii with his sister Tyler for the Pipeline Masters held last month before Christmas. The surfing star siblings are the talk of the town since they rescued the woman who was dragged in the high current waters into the rocky reefs at Ke Iki Beach in Hawaii on New Year’s Eve.

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The woman, who was apparently struggling to get out of the beach waters, was seen being pulled into the high current in the video posted on Instagram. Wright, who was filming the video, is heard saying that “He’s gonna need to get saved,” and the next moment, he jumps off the fence to run to her rescue. His friends can be heard saying in the video that “You can’t save him.”

Mickey Wright shows an act of bravery in the dangerous water currents

The video is overwhelming as it shows how the pro-surfer bravely got hold of the woman and managed to pull her out of the waters after repeated currents of water submerged them in the reef. The video also shows a group of other people who tried to help, but only Wright was able to manage in the relentless waves. His sister Tyler also was seen helping out Wright in saving the woman.

As he pulled out the woman, the huge waves dumped them several times back into the water before they could actually reach the shores safely. Later, sister ‘Tyler’ and other people on the shore then helped them to safety.

Mickey Wright’s ‘Instagram’ video gains popularity as people celebrate his bravery

Wright posted the video on his ‘Instagram’ account and titled it “Hold my beer.” His sister Tyler wrote, “Closing out 2020 with some hero shit by @mikeywright69”, as she posted the video.

Surfers around the world reposted the video and were all praises for Wright’s act of bravery. Surfing legend ‘Mick Fanning’ also commented on the video, saying, “Wow, that could have ended really bad!! Well done.” “Who needs a cape when you have a mullet” commented ‘Jessi Miley-Dyer,’ a former championship tour surfer.

Mikey Wright comes from a surfer’s family, with his brother Owen Wright, a professional surfer on the World Surf League Men’s Championship Tour, and Sister Tyler who recently won the 1st women’s tour title at Hawaii’s famed Pipeline break. Mickey placed 17 in the men’s event in the Hawaii event.


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