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Robots in Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Posted on: 11 Dec 2019

We are all very familiar with one universe. Now, the year 2020 is promising the launch of a robotic-verse. The robots in Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games are determined to change the pace of the Olympic tracks. The futuristic robots are bound to make the 2020 Olympics and Paralympic games an innovative affair. Both the athletes and spectators will enjoy the full service of this superb innovations. Even the remote viewers will get a real-time feel of the events at the ground as they unfold. 2020 promises to be…

Obesity and Young Minds

Posted on: 11 Dec 2019

When your favorite meal becomes your enemy, then you begin to understand and feel the claws of obesity. Obesity and young minds depict cancer that feeds on the personality of a young mind. It is a mental prison not easy to escape. It can have permanent damage on the personality spectrum of an individual. We all know of the health risks associated with certain cancers, heart attacks, and diabetes. However, studies and research fail to dive deeply into the academic impact. After all, education shapes the makers of the future…

The Higher Education Job Market Reality

Posted on: 10 Dec 2019

The job market reality discussion is an ailment that only spares a few. The world is slowly spiraling to the extreme advancements of innovative technologies. However, the passenger seats seem to be vacant or vacated due to the job market reality. The higher education institutions take pride in their preparation of students to face the job market. This world is most cruel and severe, with their only weapon being a polished and credited educational degree styled with merits. What such higher education institutions mostly fail to notice is that they…