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Evil Geniuses and Alliance Become Player-Owned

Posted on: 13 Dec 2016

eSports teams Evil Geniuses and Alliance will become player-owned after leaving GoodGame, a Twitch owned company due to conflicts of interest in partnership. “We also had an obligation to ensure the teams operated independently and received no preferential treatment on Twitch,” Twitch chief operating officer Kevin Lin said in the press release. The two entities will continue to do business with one another but Twitch’s GoodGame branch will not longer have a hand in managing the two champion teams. It remains to be seen whether the two teams will do…

Graduation Cap & Gowns: A Pointless and Expensive Tradition?

Posted on: 10 Dec 2016

It’s your big graduation day! You’re graduating after four years, or maybe more if you’re getting a higher degree in college, and it’s finally the grand ceremony everyone hypes up so much. And what are you forced to wear? An oversized poncho with a cutting board hat and bike tassels down to your neck. That sounds worthy of a ceremony, doesn’t it? Why do social norms make you wear just a ridiculous looking outfit at one of the most important events in your life? Whatever happened to just wearing a…

NFL Network to Support Televised Madden eSports Competitions

Posted on: 07 Dec 2016

The NFL has announced that they are looking into televising Madden competitions on TV in an effort to further publicize eSports. According to John Ourand’s report in the Sports Business Journal, eSports broadcasts will take place across the NFL Network and NFL.com: “The NFL’s consumer products division, headed up by Chris Halpin, still is the group heading up the league’s overall eSports strategy, but now NFL Media is getting involved to help support the effort. “Madden” is at the center of that effort, with the NFL using two strategies around the game:…

Will Ferrell Set to Play Main Character in eSports Comedy Movie

Posted on: 07 Dec 2016

According to an ESPN, Legendary, Mosaic and Gary Sanchez Productions are teaming up to create a comedy movie about eSports. Michael Kvamme and Jordan Dunn will be writing the script, while Will Ferrell himself will play the main gamer. According to the same article, professional eSports organizations Evil Geniuses and Fnatic are talking with the directing studios to get a role in the upcoming movie. Maybe a movie that is set to mock eSports when it is still growing big is not such a good idea. If anything, we need…

Dignitas Will Use valde As Stand-in at ECS Finals

Posted on: 06 Dec 2016

After Team Dignitas’s Emil “Magiskb0Y” Reif announced on Twitter that he would be unable to participate in the ECS Season 2 Finals in Anaheim, his team has announced his replacement. Heroic’s Valdemar “valde” Bjorn Vangsa will be standing in for Magiskb0Y at this event. He has been a strong performer for his team but has a lot to make up for as Magiskb0Y is one of the team’s strongest players. The Finals will start on December 9th with Dignitas being in Group B among the Brazilian Immortals and SK Gaming…