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Cow Cuddling : The Newest Therapeutic Trend Among The Dutch.

Posted on: 21 Sep 2020

Cows are known for their relaxed nature as they mostly don’t fight or get into trouble. Taking this cow-fact into account, the Dutch seem to have adopted a new trend of cow cuddling as a form of therapy. There are special cows that are purposely for this. People walk into the fields and lay next to them, cuddle them, or do whatever they want. They find it very relaxing and soothing. It is almost the same concept as goat yoga, gong baths, or forest bathing; however, this deals explicitly with…

Vipassana: The Ancient Way of Awakening the Inner Spirit

Posted on: 11 Sep 2020

Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique dating 2,500 years back, and it is popular among Buddhists and non-Buddhists. Naturally, when our body is dirty, it can be seen, and that is why we clean it, but if the mind is dirty, it cannot be seen. Therefore, Vipassana meditation is practiced to clean the mind specifically. It is also an ancient way of awakening the spirit that is commonly practiced among the Buddhist community. One specialty of this ancient technique is it focuses on natural things; one does not have to…

Epigenetics: Ways to Deactivate Bad Genes

Posted on: 07 Sep 2020

Epigenetics is probably one of the most exciting evolutionary discoveries in science in the 21st Century. What this means is that most genes have like a little dimmer switch on them. You can turn them up or turn them down. Therefore, people are actually more powerful than they thought they were. Pamela Peeke, assistant professor of medicine from the University of Maryland, and Nessa Carey, Author of ‘The Epigenetics Revolution’, share more on Epigenetics. Your DNA is not Your Destiny Most people know that your DNA is your gene. Furthermore,…

Bee Venom Kills Cancer Cells

Posted on: 06 Sep 2020

An Australian scientist has made a breakthrough for breast cancer cure through her lab research, claiming that bee venom can kill cancer cells. The scientist conducted research from West Aussie. It showed that honeybees’ venom destroyed aggressive triple-negative breast cancer and the HER2-enriched breast cancer cells, which are a hard treat. Previously, bee venom was found to contain anti-cancer properties for some types of cancers, such as melanoma. Honey Bee Venom That Kills Breast Cancer Cells Breast Cancer is among the leading causes of women’s death in the world. Many…

The Ancient Practice of Self-Isolation

Posted on: 06 Sep 2020

Quarantine is not a new thing in families in Nepal, and self-isolation is a typical cultural practice in these families that have been practicing it for ages. Anand Tuladhar, a retired merchant, is 86 years old. Anand is used to staying in during quarantine. He is from a thousand- year-old-tradition of Lhasa Newar merchants. They used to travel in the region to conduct long trade along the Silk Road. Those who traveled to Lhasa had to observe a quarantine system since ancient times. Self-isolation was part of the ritual. The…