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Bill Nye – The Science of the Deflated Footballs

Posted on: 05 Jul 2015

For years, people have turned to Bill Nye for all their scientific needs, why? Because he’s Bill Nye the Science Guy (BILL, BILL, BILL, BILL). Whether you’ve seen him on TV or in concert halls (yes he has a live show where he teaches you science), everyone knows Bill. So what has the science guy done lately? Well he gave us the facts about the deflated footballs from the playoff games. Super Bowl fans are at a loss whether to believe that the balls were deflated by the cold weather…

“Magic Mike XXL” Teaser Trailer

Posted on: 05 Jul 2015

Just in case there’s a lot of law-breakers out there, the new teaser trailer for “Magic Mike XXL” has been released. What woman doesn’t want to go see a film about extremely hot male strippers dancing on stage to some of the greatest songs in history? Rally your girls because Channing Tatum is back as Magic Mike. Taking a solo dance in the new trailer, we see Tatum’s crafty side, epic dance moves and how classy he can be when hitting on a girl. You’ll laugh but secretly wish he…

Jimmy Fallon Brings Back “Saved by the Bell”

Posted on: 04 Jul 2015

In a new sketch from “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, Jimmy Fallon does us all a big favor and reunites the cast of the hit 90s show “Saved by the Bell”. Mark-Paul Gosseleaar returns to the set as Zack Morris, though his hair is not as righteous as it once was, but the truest of “Saved by the Bell” fans can let that one slide. Also returning is Mario Lopez as A.C. Slater, Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano, Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski and Dennis Haskins as Principal Belding…

Where To Shop For School Books Other Than The Bookstore

Posted on: 03 Jul 2015

If you’re a college student, you know that schoolbooks are extremely expensive. They can be as high as $600+ depending on your major and professor. It’s a good idea to always email your professor to determine if you will actually be using the books before buying, but once you have a complete list of books you will absolutely need, consider these alternatives. Books are typically most expensive at the school bookstore. This is because they know you need it, and they want your money. eBay eBay is an amazing online…

15 Anti-Hillary Tweets From Rand Paul

Posted on: 20 Apr 2015

Last month, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced that he was running for President in the 2016 elections. Elected to the Senate in 2010, Paul has been known as an outspoken go-getter, determined to restore the great US of A to a limited, constitutional government. Over the past month, Paul’s Twitter Feed has been spewing slander about the Democratic elect, Hillary Rodham Clinton. From “Liberty, not Hillary” to selling anti-Hillary merchandise, here are 15 of Rand Paul’s best Anti-Hillary Tweets. 1. #LibertyNotHillary Have you ordered your #LibertyNotHillary sticker yet? Don’t let @HillaryClinton…