A 2019 Labor Day Under Tension of Trade War and Economic Recession

Labor Day i

American workers celebrated this year, their Labor Day under a tension of trade war and economic recession. However, two years ago the growth was in the rise, thanks to the Donald Trump administration booster. Unfortunately, this last quarter is looking bleak for the economy of the first economic world economy, that seems faint of the effect of the trade war with China. Since coming to power, the Trump administration has already created 5.5 million jobs in the economy. And the Gross Domestic Product reaches 2.9%, the level reached in 2015…

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Greenland’s purchase: a controversy between Washington and Copenhagen

Greenland the Artic Island, that President Trump proposes to purchase from Danemark

 President Trump offers to the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to discuss Greenland’s purchase, during his visit to Copenhagen early next month. This news caused anger among Danish people, who see in this statement as a huge diplomatic inelegance, an extreme outrage to the entire nation.   Greenland is an Arctic territory under the rule of the Danish crown.  This is the largest island in the world with an area of 2,166,086 km2, for only 56,000 inhabitants. Currently, the Island has semi-autonomous status.  Nevertheless, Danmark kingdom assumes its diplomacy and defense.…

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Bernie Sanders vibrates the Crowd in the Democratic Nomination Race

senator sanders during a meeting

Bernie Sanders is running a fantastic campaign in the Democratic nomination race. As a socialist democrat, he avocates an attractive speech and meets people’s expectation. Everywhere he goes, people give him a rock star welcoming. To share his ideas he uses up social media. He has an account with more than 5 million followers. Furthermore, its admirers create a dozen groups and forum to promote, his campaign. They are convinced, Senator Sanders is the only candidate capable to make America the great country of prosperity for all, not only for…

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Virtual Wall in Guatemala Against Migration to the United States

To block the arrival of migrants in the United States. President Trump found an original idea. It is about an agreement of safe third county. A kind of virtual wall at 1505 miles of the United States land border. This agreement is signed in Washinton D.C on July 26, 2019. by the Minister of the Interior of Guatemala Enrique Degenhart, and Kevin K. McAleenan U.S Secretary of Homeland Security. However, Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries around the world. It is also a crossroad for drugs, human trafficking,…

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Megan Rapinoe is more than a soccer superstar.

Megan Rapione addresses the crowd during the New york Champions Parade.

Megan Rapinoe proved that she is not just a great soccer player. But she is as well a well-made and full head woman. This demonstration took place, during the Parade of Champions organized in New York on July 9, 2019, by the Mayor of New York City Mr. De Blasio, to celebrate the U.S soccer team, newly champion of the FIFA Women World Cup. Apart from her extraordinary playing skills, she is an achieved person as well. The observation is unanimous. This young woman is a powerful motivator, a charismatic…

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