Virtual Wall in Guatemala Against Migration to the United States

To block the arrival of migrants in the United States. President Trump found an original idea. It is about an agreement of safe third county. A kind of virtual wall at 1505 miles of the United States land border. This agreement is signed in Washinton D.C on July 26, 2019. by the Minister of the Interior of Guatemala Enrique Degenhart, and Kevin K. McAleenan U.S Secretary of Homeland Security. However, Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries around the world. It is also a crossroad for drugs, human trafficking,…

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Megan Rapinoe is more than a soccer superstar.

Megan Rapione addresses the crowd during the New york Champions Parade.

Megan Rapinoe proved that she is not just a great soccer player. But she is as well a well-made and full head woman. This demonstration took place, during the Parade of Champions organized in New York on July 9, 2019, by the Mayor of New York City Mr. De Blasio, to celebrate the U.S soccer team, newly champion of the FIFA Women World Cup. Apart from her extraordinary playing skills, she is an achieved person as well. The observation is unanimous. This young woman is a powerful motivator, a charismatic…

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Crude Oil Production: The Blockus of the Strait of Hormuz Would Bring to the U.S to the Top Rank Worldwide

Map of Strait of Hormuz with political boundaries (2004)

The Strait of Hormuz is the waypoint of oil crude business. According to studies 40% of the whole crude oil consumed worldwide gets through this spot. In case Iran would block this road, oil-producing countries of the Persian Gulf, will not be able to trade theirs production.  Also the barrel of oil will increase by 250%. Therefore, the United States oil would be very profitable and competitive. The current US capacity of oil production With the exploitation of shale gas, the United States has become the world’s largest producer of…

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Carlos Cordeiro Promises Equal Pay to USWNT

Carlors Cardeiro at New York las July 9, 2019, during the parade of champions

Carlos Cordeiro President of the American soccer Federation admitted on July 9; “US soccer female athletes deserve fair and equitable pay.”  He delivered this speech at a ceremony in New York, dedicated for honoring The United States women’s national soccer team (USWNT) who are the new champions from the FIFA Women’s World Cup. President Carlos Cordeiro, also calls on other federations around the world, including FIFA, to end gender-related wage discrimination in football. “I will continue to invest more than any other countries in the world, and I will continue to encourage…

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The Emergency of Background Check for Firearm Buyers in the U.S

Some demonsttrators protest against President Trump's proposition to provide firearm to the teachers within the classroom

Firearm possession always results in fatal domestic violence and acclaimed voluntary manslaughter. On April 1st of 1984, remains unforgettable in the memory of Soul Lovers’ fans. Marvin Gaye Sr. has committed the unthinkable one, in the family home. This man shot his son Marvin Gaye Jr, a musical iconic worldwide known, with a firearm which he was licensed to own for family protection purposes. Gaye Jr., award-winning for his track, Sexual Healing, died at California Hospital Medical Center an hour after the shooting. This murder was not an isolated case…

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