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Apple Inc. Strategy Ahead of Apple Music’s Free Trial

Posted on: 31 Jul 2015

When it comes to music, there is an exciting, or rather rewarding, feeling to be that person to play the “new” song for your friend, or showing someone an artist they connect with for the very first time. If you’re not one of those individuals, then you certainly have some friends that might be. Those who venture out into the indie, alternative underground worlds, wisping through sub-genre cultures like it’s their passion. Looking at Apple Music from this perspective leads Techcrunch to believe that that is where their strong suit…

Why Won’t Tom Brady Give Up?

Posted on: 30 Jul 2015

Just when you assume the talks surrounding Deflategate have subsided, fans are smacked across the face one more time. The scandal of deflated footballs has lasted too long. Seriously, how does an appeal hearing of this circumstance go on for more than 12 hours? One might imagine Commissioner Roger Goodell wanted to torment the Super Bowl champ under hours of testimony and later disallow his evidence, or Brady asked for a lot of bathroom breaks, as he essentially lied about the whole thing, or at least refused to admit his…

Boston Fails in Its 2024 Olympics Contention

Posted on: 28 Jul 2015

“We need to move forward as a city, and today’s decision allows us to do that on our own terms, not the terms of the USOC or the IOC,” No Boston Olympics said in a statement. “We’re better off for having passed on Boston 2024.” Boston never fails to declare their autonomy. The palpable cries from the North End streets, ‘no outside organization will control us; we will build this city the way we see fit.’ In some respect, you do win, Boston, because now Massachusetts taxpayers won’t have to…

Let’s Welcome the E-Commerce Startup… Jet.com

Posted on: 27 Jul 2015

Is there really enough room for another big e-commerce player? Consumers have already laid their trust and money on the largest online retailer. Just in the past quarter, Amazon posted sales of $23.19 billion and shares reached a record setting figure ($535.50) surpassing Walmart’s value. The company is pushing options for diversification, such as Amazon Web services, to increase profit margins in order to reinvest in other aspects of the business: logistics, content for Prime users and research and development for in-house devices, like the Fire Smartphone. It will take…

Evolution in Curated Music Playlists?

Posted on: 24 Jul 2015

Ever feel burdened by shouldering the responsibility of choosing a song to play for the room? ‘Well, what do you guys want to listen to?’ ‘Anything is good really.’ When, in truth, anything couldn’t be further from what they had in mind. Then, you’re stuck and you don’t know what to play, so you choose whatever comes to mind, whatever you might be feeling in the moment. Much of what goes into a particular song choice is unknown. The question of what determines our musical liking has been rehashed and…