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Bio: I am supposed to describe who I am without revealing too much in less than 100 words. In fact even less than that now! It is a ridiculous task, but I guess the purpose of this box is not for you all to really get to know me, but for you to want to get to know me and of course read my material. Hope this is enough! I am a confident person who loves movies, TV shows, music and books. I am someone that wants to influence the entire world and this is the beginning.

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Venom Trailer Has Tom Hardy, Action, Visuals But Still Isn’t Exciting.

Posted on: 01 Aug 2018

This morning another Venom trailer was released. It’s not bad but neither did it boost my confidence in the final film. I don’t really have any anticipation for this movie; it’s not even in my top ten anticipated movies for fall 2018. I’m more excited for Mary Poppins Returns than this movie. However, I do hope it’s not too bad. I have this hope because of its great cast that features Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and Woody Harrelson. Also, Tom Hardy as Venom is just awesome. Hardy does…

Blindspotting – You Should See This Movie

Posted on: 01 Aug 2018

It’s only been a couple hours since I’ve come out of the theatre for a 2:25 pm showing of Blindspotting. I wasn’t really that excited to see the movie but I wanted to see it. After all, it has the guy, Daveed Diggs who played Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton. Diggs also won a Tony for his performance in the hit Broadway musical. The movie is also set in California; I’m from California. I also tend to enjoy a movie about race…

OP-ED; Eighth Grade Review by Someone Who Was An 8th Grader in this Decade

Posted on: 31 Jul 2018

Lebron James, haha! Definitely one of the best gags of the movie. Really wish the movie would have shown the kid who kept saying this or maybe it did without making it obvious. I wouldn’t be surprised. I graduated eighth grade in 2012, six years ago but it feels so long ago. Middle school is definitely the worst time out of all the educational institutions. Elementary school is all about innocence. In middle school, you discover innocence is a lite. High school, you begin to understand why innocence is a…

Top 10 Anticipated Movies (Post July 2018)

Posted on: 31 Jul 2018

The summer season is basically over. Yeah, August doesn’t count. I’m sure most movies people were anticipating seeing in 2018 have already been released such as Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Incredibles 2. With these release of these movies, there are our new movies to get excited for. The post-July movie season is filled with some interesting months. There’s the summer drop-off month August, the lackluster month September (although It did premiere in September last year), the horror fright fest month October, the holiday blockbuster month November and the…

August is the Least Fun Packed of the Summer Blockbuster Months

Posted on: 26 Jul 2018

I know technically August is still a considered a part of the summer movie season. However, May is more of a summer blockbuster movie month than August is and May technically isn’t even a summer month. The summer doesn’t even begin until the end of June. Though I am okay with the entire month of June counting as summer because it’s reasonable and I was born in June (who doesn’t want a summer birthday). Plus another issue is why is the summer movie season four months long. Summer only lasts…