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Girls’ schools in Afghanistan ordered shut just hours after reopening

Posted on: 23 Mar 2022

The Taliban has ordered secondary girls’ schools to shut down just hours after they reopened in Afghanistan. The reversal has sparked widespread confusion earlier; thousands of girls returned to their classrooms after the group announced reopening the schools. Taliban closed the girls’ schools again. The Taliban has been facing criticisms for imposing restrictions on the education of women and girls. In Afghanistan, the Taliban has reversed its decision to allow girls to go to school, saying a decision on girls’ school uniforms remains to be made. These include banning films…

Can China Support the Russia-Ukraine Ceasefire?

Posted on: 04 Mar 2022

It is heard that US authorities have been trying to persuade Putin not to attack Ukraine for the last three months. The approach was put into action with the help of the Chinese counterparts deployed in the US. However, when Russia finally invaded Ukraine, the war was ongoing for more than a week. The question mark is how does China support the Russia-Ukraine ceasefire? The US authorities are still trying to count China to ask Putin to stop the war. It is understandable that the world’s largest economic power can play…

Russia Takes Over the Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

Posted on: 04 Mar 2022

Kyiv: Authorities state that the Russian forces have attacked the country’s nuclear assets and have seized the largest nuclear plant in Europe. Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station is the largest nuclear power station of its kind in Europe, is under the Russian forces’ occupation. Russia’s main reason for its bitterness at Ukraine had many reasons behind it. First, Ukraine started limiting its relations with Russia by decreasing its business activities, including gas trade. In addition, Ukraine’s increasing inclination towards the West has caused this resentment. In this context, tensions escalate, and…

Thousands of Russians Arrested Protesting Against Russia-Ukraine Overruns

Posted on: 27 Feb 2022

MOSCOW- Russian Police Forces have arrested hundreds of people protesting against the Russian overrun against Ukraine.  Since February 24, 2022, in Russia, protests are still going on at different locations to stop this war against Ukraine. In Moscow, Police arrested many protestors having placards with the anti-war slogans “Enough” to show their willingness to piece.  According to The Associated Press media, Russians came out in the streets. The protestors had placards to protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The protests have been around since Friday and are still ongoing.…

Ukrainian Govt. Gives Guns to Kyiv’s Residents

Posted on: 25 Feb 2022

With the ongoing invades of Russia over Ukraine, the current situations are becoming complex gradually. One of the coming updates includes the Ukrainian Government is urging citizens to raise weapons to have a stand in terms of the country’s defense. The official Twitter account sent the call from the ministry of defense. It urged people to make the opponent neutralized. The post also included the people of Obolon to inform the Government about the places of the Russian corps. The Ukrainian Government urges its residents to raise weapons against the…