10 Interesting Facts about Sofia

Sofia is the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. The city is surrounded by mountains and is one of the tallest cities in Europe. To the south and not far from Sofia, the Vitosha Mountain extends up to 3,000 meters. There are several rivers that run through the city. According to the last census, 1.5 million people live in this city; most are of Bulgarian origin and Orthodox Christian religion. The city’s motto is concise and clear: “Расте, но не старее.” (Ever growing, never aging). And it really is like…

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4 Places You Should Visit In Romania


Today, Romania is known worldwide as the birthplace of Dracula and a lot of the modern vampire mythos that accompanies it. But Romania is so much more than Transylvania, the Carpathian Mountains, and the Black Sea – it is a country with a rich tradition that dates back to Roman times. If you are planning on visiting this beautiful country, here are a couple of places you definitely shouldn’t miss. Bran Castle Situated on the border between Wallachia and Transylvania, Bran Castle is more famous as the Dracula’s Castle. Although…

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6 Best Turkish Dishes

Turkish dishes

Even though it isn’t that apparent at first glance, Turkey is a country that has influenced a huge section of modern cooking as we know it. Many European countries, especially on the Balkan Peninsula, which was long under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, can trace back their culinary traditions to Turkey. Barbecue, yogurts, certain types of pastries and desserts – all of these spread out to the rest of the world, thanks to Turkey. These are some Turkish dishes you should definitely try out when visiting Turkey. Manti A…

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5 Tastiest Greek Foods should you Visit Greece

Greece foods

With a culinary tradition that spans several millennia, Greece has forever changed cooking as we know it. Uniquely situated, it has long been a melting spot of Western and Eastern influences, and food is no exception. Greek cuisine places a lot of importance on olives – both in their raw form, but especially in olive oil – meats, cheese, yogurt, and various spices. It is the birthplace of several dishes that are now commonly served worldwide. Here are some of these unforgettable culinary treats. Gyros At first glance, the gyros…

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5 Best Places to Visit in Belgrade


Belgrade is an old city that has seen many wars and has passed through many rulers and nations throughout its existence. Each historical events has left some trace on it, whether in ruins, in architecture, in art or culture. The capital city of Serbia, it was founded by Celts in the third century BC. There are many, many things to see and do in Belgrade – its food, drinks, and especially nightlife are all well-known. But here are a couple of locales anyone can visit and enjoy, no matter if…

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