It is believed that the murder of the North Carolina community college print shop worker was planned, and could have been a hate crime.

Kenneth Stancil III allegedly used a rifle on Monday to shoot Stancil’s boss, Ron Lane when Lane arrived at work Monday morning; the rifle used has yet to be found.

Stancil was arrested on Tuesday at 1:30 a.m. 500 miles away in Daytona Florida. It was reported that he was found while he was violating a city ordinance by sleeping on the beach; he was also carrying a knife on him. It was also reported that Stancil did not struggle when he was discovered and complied with all of their requests.

Lane was supervising Stancil while he was in a work-study program, but it is apparent to Goldsboro police that this attack was calculated and planned after it was reported that Stancil was let go from his work-study program for his lack of attendance.

It came to their attention that it might have been planned after authorities talked with Stancil’s mother, who told authorities that Lane made un-invited sexual advances towards her son while he was working at the print shop.

Authorities stated, “I can say with confidence that Mr. Stancil had a calculated plan and he in fact carried out that plan. We’re absolutely investigating that possibility.”

Although Stancil is Caucasian, and so was Lane, authorities are investigating Stancil’s possible involvement with white supremacist groups.

The school went under immediate lockdown Monday after the shooting, and students were evacuated as soon as possible, but because Stancil was found, classes were scheduled as normal on Tuesday.


Content Photo – AP Photo/Gerry Broome