Babe Ruth’s One Million Dollars Worth Homerun Baseball Bat

Babe Ruth’s one million dollars worth homerun baseball bat
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The baseball player Babe Ruth is not just any ordinary player in the baseball pitch. His ability to convert most of his strikes into phenomenal home runs is more than impressive. Thus towards the end of his career, his pitching bat gained legendary status after striking the 500th of 714 home runs. The State of California hosted an auction on the second weekend of December that saw an anonymous buyer acquire the bat for a million dollars. Babe Ruth’s one million dollars worth homerun baseball bat is nothing short of a treasure that belongs in the museum.

The Legend

The tale of Babe Ruth’s one million dollars worth homerun baseball bat creates a pulse in the 1940s calendar. It is an acknowledgment that during that period, Babe Ruth gifted the baseball bat to a close compatriot. The family of the friend then kept the identity of the bat hidden for decades.

Just walk into a gathering of baseball fanatics and only mention the name, Babe Ruth. The stares alone will spill the beans. It will be like you are summoning a god. The statement moreover remains true as Babe Ruth earned his legendary status in the baseball arena. The world of sports gives him recognition as one of the greatest players in the sport’s bible. Besides, the span of his career lasted for 22 baseball season. It spanned from 1914 towards the end of 1945.

An Iconic recognition

The current president of SCP auctions, David Kohler, in a statement acknowledged Babe Ruth’s memorabilia. The artifacts tied to Babe Ruth continue to be a goldmine for worldwide artifact collectors. The high value of the artifacts continues to attract millions of dollars.

A million Dollar Stature

If you have an artifact that breathes the name Babe Ruth, then you are, by default, a millionaire. Babe Ruth’s one million dollars worth homerun baseball bat is not the only one of his priced possessions. A similar July auction saw one of his baseball Jerseys snapped at a whopping $5.64m. Babe Ruth highlighted his career with the jersey between the 1920s and the 1930s. The sell of the baseball jersey was a world record in sports memorabilia. No piece of sports artifact has ever attracted such high value. 

Another similar million dollar auction took place in 2004, with Babe Ruth again being the highlight of the event. This time a baseball bat from 1923 was on the platter. It sold for $1.3m, not necessarily because it had Babe Ruth’s hands fingerprinted on it. It is a claim it is the bat he used to hit his first home run at the original Yankee Stadium.  

The Back Story


The former mayor of Suffern, New York, Mr. Jim Rice, is the apparent friend Babe Ruth gifted the 500th home run bat. At that time, Babe Ruth went by the nickname Sultan of Swat. The three decades dusty bat was currently in possession of Terry, Mr. Rice’s son, before its auction. Terry, at first, was anxious about revealing the identity of the bat to the public. He felt its worth would attract unnecessary attention. However, as Reuters news agency quotes, it was time for the sports historical piece to get its money’s worth. 

Babe Ruth’s 22 seasons career saw him hit 714 home runs. Before retiring in 1935, he shared the baseball ground with both the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Fox. His career led him to accomplish seven winnings of the world series. He is currently one of only three players in baseball to have struck 700 plus home runs.          

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